Fall is, hands down, my favorite of all seasons. Bundling up in cooler temperatures, crunching through fallen leaves, and cooking warm comfort foods are among my most treasured fall traditions. 

The one thing I don’t look forward to, however, is the end of my summer herb garden. Cooking with fresh herbs is life-changing to those who love to cook. Seriously. So what’s a cooking geek to do all winter in Iowa?! 

Apparently Pinterest is full of ideas, and so this morning I pulled of a Pinterest project. Prepare to enter into the worst tutorial ever. I had high hopes of documenting this little project, but between crying baby and needy preschooler, that didn’t happen. 😉

I combined some blue canning jars I had on hand (because I’m completely obsessed with blue canning jars and snatch them up whenever I can!) with some garden supplies from WalMart. The result: my first ever little indoor herb garden. 

 Per Pinterest advice, I placed river Rock at the bottom of the jars to help with drainage. I then covered the gravel with a small piece of coffee filter I’d cut to fit inside the jar. This will hopefully help the dirt on top to not mix in with the gravel and look yucky. 

Then simply fill the jar with potting soil, and finally with your herbs. Easy peasy. 

I planted 1 jar of Rosemary and 2 jars of Parsley, and placed them on this cute wire shelf I got for $1 at a garage sale. This window gets great afternoon sun, so I’m hoping these herbs will be happy here! 

This space is among my favorites to sit and drool over my vast cookbook collection. I’ve got cookbooks tucked into nooks & crannies all over our house! Maybe the scent of fresh herbs will inspire my cooking adventures this winter?! 

Basil got a larger container and its own special spot by the bay window because I love basil! Hoping it’ll produce gorgeous green leaves all winter! 

I’m already dreaming up my winter menu!!

How about you, friends? Any tips for growing herbs indoors? I’ve never been blessed with a proverbial “green thumb,” so it’ll be interesting to see how this turns out!