I’m not sure when it happened, or exactly why or how it happened. I’ve realized lately that my Type-A and extremely rational personality has morphed into a more chill and visionary persona. For instance….

*Our family had ice cream for dinner on Saturday, after a fun afternoon at the swimming pool. After everyone was showered and snuggled into pajamas, we topped off our ice cream dinner with popcorn and cheese/crackers while watching a movie. Several years ago I’d have bemoaned that choice, fretting that my kids hadn’t gotten the nutrients they needed for dinner that night.

Silly me…how could I have ever been so ridiculous?! Everyone giggled and had a great time, our bellies contained more food than a vast majority of the world’s population, and I didn’t have to do the dishes. A great situation, no?
ice cream

*My husband is leaving for a European mission trip in less than one month. Several years ago, when he shared with me his desire for mission work, I was a less-than-supportive-wife (okay, fine…I was downright rude about his vision). My rational side came up with every reason under the sun why such a trip was not a good idea at this time in our lives.

Again, ridiculous. Today? I’m excitedly making phone calls to line up all of the details for this amazing opportunity, and we’re purchasing plane tickets for the trip tomorrow!

*All three of my kids have recently shown an interest in learning about Paris, France. I’m honestly not sure where this interest came from, but I’ve loved it as I’ve always wanted to go to Paris! They’ve checked out books at the local library about Paris, and they have fun spotting anything French in stores, specifically anything with the Eiffel Tower. They keep asking if we can go to Paris someday. The old me would have given them every reason why that will most likely never happen….after all, I’d have said, your mommy is 32 and has never even stepped foot on an airplane. Dream squasher right here, folks.

The new me decided to dream big. We ran across a really cool Paris plate at a local thrift shop, and paired it with some other items we had at home. Together, we’ve created a family “Paris fund.” We’ve dropped in lots of coins, and a good chunk of change the kids earned at a lemonade stand they had last week. Over the years, we’ll continue to dream big and save for the day when we’ll all board a plane for Paris. Even if they have to push me around in a wheelchair when I’m old and grey, we’ll go. Someday.

Maybe I’m learning that life is too short to be too serious about it. Certainly there is a place for rational thoughts and actions, but I’m learning to balance those rational ways with dream-filled ways. I have other dreams that are beginning to surface, and I’m excited to explore those. (My mother will not be happy to learn that one of those dreams involves a tattoo on my wrist…sorry mom! But that’s another blog post entirely!) 🙂

God, in His own creative and loving way, created each of us with unique personalities and dreams. We were made for His glory and His honor, and I’m learning that He accomplishes that in some very clever ways. We just have to be willing to follow those ways.

Join me? Let’s train ourselves to think outside of the box a little more often. To take the time to explore our dreams and visions, and be willing to take that first step in making them a reality. There’s an awful lot of hurt and destruction happening in the world around us…may we be people willing to see the beauty amidst the ashes. May we open our hearts to the things God has dreamed for us, and make HIS dreams OUR dreams. Buckle your seat belts…it could be a wild ride!