I guess these unintentional blog sabbaticals keep happening?! Hello again to anyone who still reads this ever-so-randomly-updated blog!! 

Why, you might ask, have I not posted in awhile? Well, it could possibly be related to any of the following happenings around our house…..

1) School Started. I now have a 4th grader and a 1st grader. When did that happen?! So far school is going well. Nadia loves it, but Jayda struggles a little more to warm up to the idea. All in all, though, we’re off to a good start. 

IMG_6147 IMG_6148

IMG_6151 IMG_6150

2) I’m working. With the start of the school year comes my “job” again…doing after-school daycare in our home. This year I have some new families I’m working for, and it’s going really well. Even though the afternoons are a bit busy around here, I love these kids!! It’s such a great way for me to make a little income without working outside the home, and I love being able to interact with these families.

3) I began a new healthy-living program online. I follow “The Grace and Strength Lifestyle” on Facebook…it’s a Christian-based weight loss/healthy living organization. A month or so ago, they posted a link to a webinar they were hosting. Curiosity got the best of me, and I wanted to learn more about the program. It sounded like it might be similar to another program I’d done in high school, where I’d lost quite a bit of weight. Long story short…the program sounded amazing, but was a bit more money than we were able to spend at this point in our lives (more on that later). But at the end of the webinar, they announced they’d be giving away a FREE program, and guess who won it?! Me!!!! 🙂 You guys….seriously. I never win anything, so this was big for me!! When I told Tanner that I’d won it, he said I should go buy a lottery ticket! 😉 I’m three weeks into the program, and really enjoying it. It’s stretching me for sure, but for the better. I can’t wait to sign-on again tomorrow night for our online study. 

4) We’ve had numerous appointments and paperwork with basement repair companies and banks. Oh, how I love the repairs that homeownership sometimes brings! Did you sense the sarcasm there?! We recently discovered some issues in our basement that need immediate attention. Immediate expensive attention. To say that we’ve been a little stressed about it might be an understatement. The price tag for this repair is far above any amount of money we’re able to write a check for, and so we’re having to be creative in how we can swing this. So if you think about it…pray for that for us. It’s not fun, but I am anxious to watch and see how God provides. Because He always has, and always will. Sometimes it’s just hard for me to be patient and trust. 

5) Tanner received his passport in the mail last week!!!! We’re still not entirely sure when he will have the opportunity to travel for missions work, but we’re so thankful he has the first step in the paperwork process. The missionary film-makers that he’s been asked to possibly travel with are headed to Europe on October 12th to begin their ministry. Pray for them as they acclimate, and for clear direction as to when they could use Tanner’s help. Also, if this amazing opportunity works out, we’ll need to do some fundraising in order for Tanner to be able to go. He’ll have transportation costs, costs while overseas, as well as some pre-trip equipment costs. We know that individuals going on missions trips will often raise money through letters sent in the mail. We’re thinking of doing something a bit different. We’d love to be able to talk with each person interested in helping to support Tanner, as well as open our home to those conversations. So we’re thinking of doing a gigantic bake sale fundraiser. It’d be open house style, with baked goods galore…wrapped and ready to take home for anyone willing to stop over and celebrate this exciting opportunity with us. So I want your opinion…good idea, or silly idea? 


Well there’s your Archer family update for today. 🙂



On a completely unrelated note….to any of my fellow garage sale-ers/antique-ers/thrifters….you may know that Tanner and I have a slight love for coffee. Just slightly. (there’s that sarcasm again!) Several months ago, at a local museum, I saw this antique wall-mounted coffee grinder. I fell in love!!! If you ever see anything like this in your outings, call me right away! I would love to add this to our coffee collection. 


I hope you are all enjoying your Labor Day, and I wish many, many blessings to each and every one of you!!!