How on earth is it already the last full week of summer vacation?! Holy smokes!! 

Last week we celebrated Nadia’s 7th birthday. A little gymnast at heart, she requested a gymnastics-themed party. Combining figurines from the toy box and a LOT of blue sugar to mimic a gymnastics mat, here’s my attempt at a gymnastics cake. 


She requested a gym mat with girls doing routines on it, and a judge’s desk. That was all her idea! 🙂


She really, really wanted a real gymnastics mat for her birthday, but I was floored by how expensive they are! A good friend of mine texted me the week of her birthday that she saw one on a Sports Swap Site, and we were so thankful to be able to purchase it for her…it was literally 1/6th of the price of a new one. And EXACTLY the same size as the one we wanted for her! God is good! 



Happy birthday, sweet girl! We love you so much!!! And we think you look adorable in the new leotards you got for your birthday. We love you, little gymnast! 

Let’s see…what else about this summer??

*Our girls have LOVED riding their bikes. I’m almost certain they’ve worn a groove into the sidewalk in front of our house. And we’ve had our first biking accident…Jayda flipped over her handlebars while riding over the weekend, and she’s pretty banged up. Poor girl. 

*We received some really exciting news about a possible opportunity for Tanner to do some traveling missions work. Those of you who’ve read my blog for a while might remember me writing about his desire to do video and photography work for missionaries overseas. It’s a long story, and a really cool story about how God is bringing up some opportunities for this dream to happen. We’re unsure of details, and honestly unsure how we’ll swing it, but we know that God is good and that He’ll prove Himself faithful if this is the path He has for our family. I’ll fill you in on details as we know more!

*On Saturday, our church burned down a house on the property in order to make room for an additional parking lot. We took the kids out to watch, and they loved it! After all, how often do you get to watch a house burn down? We may, however, regret that….Titus asked me today…”Mom, can I play with the dollhouse downstairs? And then can I please burn it down?” Yikes!!

Speaking of Titus….I’ll leave you today with a photo collage of the many faces of Titus. He’s one funny boy!! Enjoy your Monday, everyone!!
IMG_5749 IMG_5748 IMG_5747 IMG_5746 IMG_5745