Hello there! Happy Wednesday to you all!

It has been a loooong time since I’ve blogged about anything related to decorating. I used to blog a lot about my ever-growing project list, and I’ve missed telling you all about it. Rest assured, the project list is still there, and just as long as ever. ๐Ÿ™‚

For today, I thought I’d show you what I did with a large piece of printed burlap I’d purchased at the fabric store. It’s been a long time, actually, since I’d finished these two projects, so I can’t remember exactly what the price was on this burlap. I know I had a coupon, and I know it wasn’t too expensive.

I took a small bench I had “rescued” from the side of the road, and with some paint to cover the bench legs (which based on the bite marks, looked as if they’d been the homeowners’ dog’s snack) and the new fabric to cover the existing yucky fabric, you’d never know it had once been destined for the garbage truck.

IMG_3841ย IMG_3360While it may not be professional quality, I love it! The top of the bench opens for storage, and it is the perfect size to tuck into the corner of our living room. We often pull it out for extra seating if we have large groups of people we need to seat in our living room.

I took the rest of that piece of burlap, and covered the back of a very large and very ugly photograph I found at Salvation Army for $4.00. While the photo was hideous, I actually liked the frame, and knew it would be the perfect size to make a chore chart for our children.
IMG_3804I used spray adhesive to attach the burlap to the photo, and glued small clothespins onto the burlap. Each kiddo has their initial on the board, with their chores clipped alongside, so they can be reminded each day what is expected of them. Once the chore is finished for the day, they flip over the chore card to the other side, which has a small saying to encourage them for their effort. I painted the wooden letters for their initials, which I’d purchased for super cheap at Hobby Lobby, with the leftover yellow paint from the bench project. I love the quote above their chores. It says, “Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.” I want so much for them to learn responsibility, and to learn the correct attitude to go along with that responsibility.
IMG_2259These two items in our home are some of my favorites. Okay, okay…so I admit that I have lots of favorites…I think I say that about every project I do! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love that they cost a small fraction of whatย they would have been in a store, and I had a ton of fun being creative to make them exactly how I wanted them.

There are lots more projects in the works currently…mostly outdoor projects. I’ll try to remember to photograph them along the way, and share them with you soon. How about you, friends? Any projects at your house? I’d love to hear!