Spring Break is here, and we are enjoying some down time at home. Okay, to be completely honest…we’d have loved to have been able to travel somewhere warm and sunny, but we’re making the most of our “staycation” here at home. A few highlights so far….

**Sharing Dairy Queen Blizzards at the mall. We rarely take family trips to the mall, so the kids really enjoyed this!

**Saint Patty’s Day supper with my parents and siblings…LOVE time with them!! Mom made her green cupcakes, a favorite in our house each year. Somebody was upset we wouldn’t let him eat them all!

**While Spring Break is fun and such a blessing, any sort of break from the school year also means I take a break from income from childcare. And, this week, I took a break from bread baking/selling, as well, to spend more time with my munchkins. We very much enjoy the break and extra time together, but the lack of income is sometimes challenging. I did have some bread in the freezer from last week, and a gal stopped yesterday and bought $14 worth of bread. Perfect timing because “Frozen” came out on DVD yesterday, and we took that bread money and bought it for the kids…on sale for $14.99! And, one of their other favorites, “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs” was on sale for $4. We had three happy kids!!

**All three children had dental appointments yesterday, and they all did fantastic! Titus especially loved the pretend toothbrush and stuffed animal he could play with while he waited his turn.

I left the office feeling a bit discouraged, as the dentist and I talked more about the orthodontia work that Nadia will need over the next few years. She has two very pronounced cross-bites, both of which will need major attention after she looses her front baby teeth. The process includes a bracket cemented to her molars that actually breaks her top palate and expands it, another devise to push out her front teeth that are not aligned, followed by braces, retainers, ect. All I can think about is how painful that will be for her, and how much money it will cost. I jokingly said to the dentist that I should start saving our pennies, and she looked at me very seriously and said, “Well, I’d actually start saving your dollars. She will need significant work.”

As we waited for the elevator to reach the top floor after their appointments, an older couple stood next to us, waiting for the same elevator. They lovingly looked down at my children, smiled a genuinely sweet smile, and said, “My, what beautiful children.” And while I know that older gentleman will never find and read this blog post, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for blessing my heart with your simple smile and kind words. One never knows what a smile will do for someone else’s heart, and yesterday, that gentleman’s smile and words were what my heart needed. And, it encouraged me to do the same to others…wear my smile in public, and give grace to all those around me…for you never know how God might use that for good.

Last night was a big night for our two youngest munchkins. Titus FINALLY moved from his crib to a big-boy bed (which was Nadia’s old bed), and Nadia got a new full-size bed from her grandparents. They are growing up SOOO fast!

Titus finally fell asleep at 10:15 last night, was up three times in the night, and fell out of bed with a thud at 6:30 this morning. 😦 I think I have forgotten that it takes a while to adjust to a bed after being in a crib! Today will be a several-cuppa-coffee kinda day!

We’re not entirely sure what the rest of Spring Break holds for us. The kids are begging us to purchase them a pet…not likely to happen! What else? Reading, playing, snuggling, laughing…simple things, but profound and necessary things. Things that make it extra fun being a parent!! 🙂 How about you, friends? I’d love to hear what you’re doing this week for Spring Break! Whatever it is, enjoy the days and enjoy the people you spend your days with.

Blessings to you all!!!