Happy Monday, friends!

My day started abruptly at 2:30 this morning, as Titus wailed from his room, “I neeeeeeed you, Mommy!!! I looooove you, Mommy!! Can I sleeeeeep in your bed, Mommy?!?” While one part of my heart was flattered by such love, the other part of my heart was annoyed and sleep deprived. Part of me wanted to just pull him in our bed, and we’d all maybe go peacefully back to sleep. But I knew that would only fuel his fire and set up a bad pattern. Disciplining and reasoning with a 2-year old at 2:30 AM is not my ideal way to start a new week. Neither is throwing out an entire batch of whole grain waffle batter after hearing your kids gag and choke on the first bite. (for the record, they were right this time. It was n.a.s.t.y.) I’d rather not have scraped burnt bread dough from the bottom of my oven this morning, either, after all 6 loaves overflowed onto the oven racks beneath. Yep…happy Monday, indeed?!

Thankfully, after copious amounts of extra-strong coffee, the day has taken a turn for the better.

On my mind for today? Wish Lists. Last year, Tanner and I decided to try Amazon.com Prime Membership. I think I’ve blogged before about how much I really, really, really like having the membership. Who knew you could get anything and everything on Amazon.com?! I’ve ordered everything from books to bread yeast, and it arrives on my doorstep in two days. Awesome.

You have the option on Amazon.com to set up a “wish list.” It’s a great way to keep track of things you run across that you’d like to have someday. I won’t even tell you how many books my book wish list contains…it’s a bit embarrassing to be honest. 😉

I’ve started to make a wish list for kitchen items that I’d love to have someday. All of them are complete non-necessities, but all of them would make my love for cooking even more lovely, and reduce the sometimes ridiculous amounts of time I spend in my little kitchen. You can read a gazillion online reviews for these items, but I thought it would be fun to share them here on my blog. If any of you own these items, or have used something similar, will you let me know your thoughts? Love it? Hate it? I want to hear from you.

So without further adieu…my kitchen wish list. 🙂

1. Miyabi Evolution 7 inch Santoku Knife
knifeMy knife set, a wedding gift almost 11 years ago, has seen its better days. It’s getting really hard to keep a sharp edge, which makes all the cooking I do a little annoying. I used this knife at a store display in Chicago called SurLaTable. They had potatoes and carrots available to practice chopping, and I fell in love with this knife immediately. Who knew I could love a knife?! 🙂 I also loved the Wusthoff knives. I’d love, love, an entire block set of either of these knives, but good grief….you could purchase a room full of furniture for what a whole set costs! But one good knife might be a possibility sometime. What about you? Do you have a set of knives you love? I’d love to hear!

2. Keurig Rivo Machine
rivoTo those who know me well, it should come as no surprise that I fell head over heels for this machine when I saw it in an amazing Chicago store called Eataly. My coffee-loving heart about burst when I saw a Keurig that could brew my espresso AND steam my milk. At the same time!! Who knew?! We are the only ones on both sides of our families that do not own a Keurig of some sort. Thinking maybe this should be our way to join the Keurig club?! 🙂 Does anyone, by chance, have this machine? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

3. Breville Risotto Plus
risotoThis is not your average slow cooker. It’s a crockpot/sauté machine, rice/grain cooker, and risotto maker. Oh my! I personally love risotto, but hate making it. Typical risotto  requires almost constant stirring of the creamy rice mixture the entire time it cooks, usually around 45 minutes. Seeing as how my kids would probably destroy the house in that 45 minute chunk of unsupervised time, I’ve only made risotto a couple times. But with this machine it’s virtually hands-off, and cooks in less than 30 minutes. I can handle that! It also sautés the veggies prior to making the risotto, and cooks other grains like rice and our ever-favorite quinoa. It looks so awesome!

4. Digital Kitchen Scale
I don’t have a particular one in mind that I’d like to have, but I would love a digital scale. There are a lot of baking recipes that could be improved if I measured the weight of the ingredients, rather than the volume. Do you have a digital kitchen scale? I’d love to hear which one you have, and if you like it or not.

5. Silpat Mats
I go through a lot of parchment paper around here, and would love to replace that with something re-usable, like these baking mats. I know lots of people love them!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on some of these kitchen items, or thoughts on some of your favorite must-haves in the kitchen. And now, in the spirit of cooking and baking, I’m off to try my hand at that bread again. Fingers crossed it works better this time!

Blessings, everyone!