A HUGE thank you to those of you who shared such encouraging words with me after my post yesterday. As I laid my head on my pillow last night, I felt such gratitude and thanks for how God is working, and for how He is using friends and family along the way. Thank you!!

I was thinking…it’s been a while since I’ve shared something fun and light-hearted on my blog. So today, here are some random fun things happening around the Archer household.

*I spend my days playing with two 2-year olds, one of whom confuses the sound of “tr” with “f.” So, things get rather interesting when we play trucks around here. Oh, my…I feel like I need to wash my ears out with soapy water afterwards! 😉

*I posted this on my Facebook wall, but had to share it here, too. Nadia was playing paper dolls the other night, and told me that I was one of the dolls. She said, “Mom, I’ll dress you in comfy clothes since you’re not really very fashion-y.” Ummm….ok. I really need to go through my closet and find some more fashionable clothing options!

*Most of you know that I love to cook and bake. I’d been wanting a stock pot large enough to make large amounts of chicken stock and other soups. I found one on a local Swap Site, used only once, for $15. It’s HUGE….16 quarts! I was thrilled to find out that this particular one is a commercial-grade pot, and retails for over $120! It worked great for a gigantic pot of chili…our freezer is now stocked with chili for a while. 20140205-134148.jpg

*A while ago, I shared on my blog that Tanner came up with a fun way for our family to remember to pray for one another. There’s five days in a week, and five of us…so we each have a day that’s our day to be prayed for. But we also wanted to teach our kids the power of praying for others, as well. We wanted them to see, in a tangible way, the many prayers requests that we can be praying for. So yesterday I pulled out my handy-dandy spray chalkboard paint, an ugly old picture, and turned it into a family prayer board. It needs a little work yet, but it’s a good start.
20140205-134909.jpgThe left side reminds us whose “Prayer Day” it is, and one other topic we can pray for that day. The right side will be prayers requests for specific needs that we have, along with the needs of family and friends. I was so excited to see that Jayda, on her own accord, wrote down her teacher’s name on the board yesterday. 🙂 Love it! We consider it an honor to pray for those we love, so really truly…if you have a prayer request, please let me know and we’ll add you to our board. I think it will be so cool to watch God answer these prayer requests, and to see our children realize that He is indeed in the business of answering prayer. Maybe not always the way we hope or want, but He always hears, and always answers.

*I am continuing to love baking bread for people in our community. Fridays have become bread days around here, and I love it! I’ve met new people, made new friends, and consider it an honor to share what I love with others. 20140113-143958.jpg

*I, like most everyone in Iowa, am very ready for Spring. Spring cleaning is desperately needed around here, and I cannot wait to be able to play outside with the kids again! Come on, Spring…we’re ready!

*Many of you are familiar with a wonderful Christian author named C.S. Lewis. A brilliant man, and author of many fantastic reads! I ran across this quote from him, and I seriously love it. cs

That being said, I think I’ll go curl up with a book and something to munch while I wait for the little ones to wake up. 🙂

Enjoy your day, everyone! Stay warm!