As a young girl, I’d sometimes reluctantly agree to ride the Silly Silo at our local amusement park. The Silly Silo was a spinning vortex so fast that once it reached top speed, you would stick to the wall…even when the floor beneath dropped away. I remember my youth pastor once taking a photo of me on the Silly Silo. Folks, that was not a pretty picture. Trust me.

The last two weeks in my life have felt like a perpetual ride on the Silly Silo. Various happenings have seemed to spin the vortex of life faster and faster, making me dizzy with each turn. I keep wondering when the floor will fall out from beneath my feet, just like on the ride I enjoyed as a child. And yet, I know that even if the floor does fall from beneath, the strong and loving hand of my Heavenly Father will hold me up. He will never let me fall. And so life continues to spin…sometimes faster than other times, and I’m trying to enjoy the ride with each rotation.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to those of you who showed so much love and support when my grandfather unexpectedly passed away on New Year’s Day. Our family certainly felt the prayers and love that flowed so freely. Thank you! I find myself thinking of Grandpa at the most unusual times. Grief comes in waves, I’ve been told…and I’m now finding that to be so very true. I missed seeing him in his usual spot at church yesterday. Since I was a little girl, Grandpa and Grandma have sat in the same spot most Sunday mornings. I didn’t realize how much I’d miss seeing him there. But I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is experiencing eternal praise and worship services in Heaven now. And that brings my heart great comfort.

Over the past year or more, my husband has been increasingly involved with the audio/visual/tech department at our church. His main responsibility through this ministry is to film and edit what we call “Saylorville Stories.” Each Sunday evening, an individual within the church shares (via pre-recorded video) their story of how God has changed their lives and hearts. My husband, Tanner, has fallen in love with this ministry, and I have seen his heart beat for the Gospel of Christ louder and stronger than I’ve ever seen it before!


A few months ago, he talked with a friend of ours who is a missionary to Brazil. Tanner wondered if there would ever be a need for an audio/visual ministry on the mission field. In a whirlwind of events, Tanner has been in contact with a local missions agency, filling out preliminary paperwork for what looks to be an amazing opportunity to use his gifts and talents on the mission field. We’re not talking a change of vocation or anything. He’s looking into using his vacation time from work to take short-term missions trips, where he’d be responsible for using visual equipment to capture the heart of the missionaries in whatever country he’d travel. The missions agency currently does not have anyone doing this type of ministry, and they are thrilled that Tanner is interested!

We are so very excited for this opportunity!!! Would you pray with us for all of the details that would have to be worked out? While Tanner has the knowledge of visual equipment and is continually learning more, he does not actually own most of the equipment that would be needed for this type of venture. And, the missions agency would not pay for his travel expenses, either. So while we’re over-the-moon-excited about the opportunity, there are a lot of wrinkles we’ll need to iron out before anything is official. Your prayers for this opportunity would be much appreciated!

For the past six months I’ve enjoyed experimenting with all kinds of homemade breads at our house. A few people who had tried my bread mentioned that there might be a market for it, to which I really thought they were being overly complimentary. I didn’t think there would be a huge interest. This past weekend showed me just how wrong that assumption was!

I’ll spare you the long version of the story. Here’s the short of it. A local gal, who had purchased a loaf of my bread, posted about it on our local swap site. Within minutes, my email inbox was flooded with requests for information about the bread. I’m still not sure that I can see my kitchen counters from beneath all of the flour and yeast that covered them this weekend. To say it was a baking frenzy around here would be putting it lightly! I was able to pass out loaves of bread to many friends, as well as to new people I had the privilege to meet. It was a whirlwind, and still is…I have a 2-page list of people who want to be added to an email list for bread purchasing. Who knew?!?!


I asked my Facebook friends for a possible name for my little endeavor….it was hilarious to hear what they all came up with! I would like to come up with a name, not because I’m planning to open a bakery or anything, but simply because I need to open a new email account for communication purposes. And, I want that email address to reflect my goals/desires behind baking all this bread. That goal is to reach others with what has been on my heart the past year or so. God has been teaching me that there is beauty to behold in everything…from a gorgeous sunset, to the birth of a child, and even to the most simple loaf of bread or bowl of soup. God has bestowed so much grace into my life, both in the big and small of life. And for some reason, I sense that grace very deeply each and every night when we sit down as a family to eat dinner. I feel His love and grace surrounding our table as we offer thanks to Him for the provision of our food. And so, the words “table” and “grace” keep coming to mind for possible naming purposes of home-baked breads. I’m thinking “The Graceful Table” or something along those lines. Maybe “Grace-filled Table,” or “Table of Grace.”

So, cast your vote or give me a new idea. What should I call this new little endeavor?!

I hope this post finds you all doing well! Thanks for reading about the current dizzy spinnings in my life. 🙂 Blessings to you!