I am generally a very un-supersticious person. But today, on this Friday the 13th morning, I’m a bit unsettled. You see, this week has reminded me of what a broken world we live in. Literally. In one week, the following items in our house have broken…

*DVD Player
*Kitchen Mixer
*Cordless Drill
*Kitchen cabinet drawer
*Electrical Outlet
*Several of our windows not only have condensation on the inside when it’s been so cold this week, they have ICE on the inside. Really?!
*And, the dishwasher is making a funny sound.

The air feels a bit eery around here today…what’s going to break today?!

Okay, all joking aside…I’m not really superstitious. But I am tired of things breaking around here. Sometimes I look at my children, and I envy their happy-go-lucky spirits. Especially this time of year, when I can see the Christmas spirit in their eyes. How it must be nice to not carry the weight of life, that can sometimes seem quite heavy.

And then I stop. And I realize that I, too, am a child…that my Heavenly Father lovingly and graciously offers to carry my burden, whatever it might be. And He is patiently teaching me that while the broken items in my house this week may have thwarted my plans, His plans are so much greater.

I had planned to run a bazillion errands this week in preparation for Christmas. He planned, through a broken vehicle, for me to say home all week and play with my son. To love on him and spend quality time together.

I had planned to bake several dozen loaves of bread as Christmas gifts to friends, neighbors, and teachers. He planned, through a broken mixer, for me to slow down, focus not on the importance of gifts (little g), but focus on THE GIFT, Jesus!

I had planned to watch fun Christmas movies with our family this week. He planned, through a broken DVD player, to introduce other ways of spending quality time together this week. The Christmas spirit does not come through the vast array of holiday movies.

This song is a new favorite at our house. My girls love it! The beginning of the song talks of all the busyness of the Christmas season, and how we often misplace the true meaning. My favorite part of the song is when she says, “Christmas is all of these fun things for sure, but Christmas is really oh so much more. It’s Good News of Hope for the whole world because, Christmas is JESUS!!!”

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a blessed weekend!!