Here are a few of my favorite recent quotes/sayings from this little cutie. I love him!!


1) Conversation between Aunt Amanda and Titus…
Amanda-“Titus, what’s your favorite animal?”
Titus-“Umm…a truck.”
Amanda-“No, buddy. An animal. Something that’s alive.”
Titus-“A tractor.”

2) Titus’ question to Aunt Amanda…”I come live with you on farm, please?”

3) While driving by a church with a large wooden cross on the steeple….”GiGi die on that.” (Translation: Jesus died on the cross.)

4) While saying goodbye to the friends we had over for dinner on Friday evening….
Titus-“I come live with you?”
Susie-“Your mommy and daddy would miss you if you came to live with us.”
Titus-“No way!”

5) While telling someone that he got to ride in a backhoe and a bulldozer with his Uncle Jon…”I drive a ecavotor and a bo bo. It real hard work.”

6) “I watch show guy with big beard, please?” (Translation: He wants to know if he can watch Duck Dynasty.)

7) Numerous halarious quotes while in the midst of potty training. “You not watch my poop come out.” “I just shake the pee off that thing.”

Oh, this boy…there’s never a dull moment! 🙂

I snapped this photo of him last night after he fell asleep. He got a new combine toy…the combine is exactly like his Uncle Jon’s combine on the farm. He kissed the combine on numerous occasions yesterday, and fell asleep with it on his pillow. I even heard him at 3AM saying, “Where my combine?”
20131022-143647.jpgTitus James, you hold a special place in my heart. I love you!!