Good morning, friends!

I think this may very well be the first time that I’ve actually sat still in the past few days. I’ve been busy working on projects. On Friday morning, on a bit of a whim, I decided to paint our kitchen. My recent pantry project inspired me to update our kitchen a bit. As often as our kitchen is used, and as much traffic as it sees with my children and daycare children, the paint was getting dingy. There was a 40% off deal at a local paint store, so off I went to purchase a gallon. Being on a tight budget recently, I was determined to make that one gallon cover our entire kitchen. The challenge was on!


The good news is that the one gallon did indeed cover the kitchen, and I had the entire kitchen painted and put back together by Saturday morning.


I love the light grey color, and I think it coordinates well with our other wall colors on the main floor. But, in true Emily fashion, one thing leads to another, and the project couldn’t stop there. With materials I already had on hand, I re-painted the trim to give it a fresh look, and my dad and I refurbished my kitchen table. I did end up having to spend $12 on a protective clear coat to put on the table top, but I’d say it turned out well on such a tiny budget. And, we flipped it around directionally for something different.


I still haven’t decided if I like the chairs or not…I found them quite a while ago at an estate sale for $5. Great chairs at a fantastic price, but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep them or go back to our original white chairs. What do you think?


When our refrigerator quit working a few months ago, we purchased a basic stainless steel model fridge. The downfall of the stainless steel, besides the massive amount of fingerprints it shows, is that it’s not magnetic, and we no longer have a place to hold the obscene amount of papers that the school year generates. My solution? A family schedule wall of some sort. I picked up these two items for $1 each at a garage sale, and re-purposed them on Saturday to house our paperwork.


The magnetic galvanized metal works well for school schedules, ect. The red thing is an old work order organizer from an automotive shop. It was covered in oil and dust, but once it was scrubbed clean and spray painted, it works well for each of us to have a “mailbox.”

IMG_1850 IMG_1851

For $2 and a can of spray paint, I’d say our family organizational system looks pretty good!

The kitchen was done just in time to host a get-together tonight with my family to celebrate my dad’s birthday. I love that man! We’ve had a lot of fun together doing our projects, and I’m so thankful for his help with all of my crazy project ideas. We’re two peas in a pod, and I love it! Happy birthday, Dad! I love you!!!

I’m off to bake dad’s cake, and then maybe sneak in a nap while the kiddos nap today. I think I need one! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great week, everyone!