It’s Friday, and this girl is smilin’! Welcome, weekend!!

Although, has anyone seen that little cartoon floating around Pinterest and Facebook?


So true, so true. Nonetheless, I still like the weekends.

For the first time in a loooong time, I thought I’d share a few “Friday Favorites” with you all.

1)  First and foremost, YOU ALL are my favorite.
Seriously. When I began blogging, it was simply an outlet for me. I never expected anyone else except maybe my mom to read my posts. (’cause moms are like that…they’ll read and applaud anything their child writes. I love that about you, mom!) I was totally blown away this morning when I saw that my post from last night has generated 216 views so far! Thank you! Thank you for reading my words, and thank you for listening to my heart. I have so much enjoyed re-connecting with old friends and meeting new friends through this blog. You all mean a lot to me.

2)  Favorite Expression: SMILE
Have you ever noticed how many grouchy people there are? (Case in point: my blog topic from last night.) I try, for the most part, to smile a lot. It’s kind of a game I play with myself sometimes…how many times can I smile at someone today and receive a smile in return? You’d be surprised how a smile and a “good morning” can brighten someone’s day. So try it…smile. A lot. Smile to people you know, and smile to people you don’t. In the grocery store, library, gym…wherever! You’ll benefit, and so will those around you.

3)  Favorite TV Show: “The Chew”

Since the girls have started back to school, I’ve had a little quiet time in the afternoons while Titus naps. I just happened to run across a show called “The Chew.” It’s in talk-show format, but all of the content is cooking/baking/food related. Based on my love of cooking and all things kitchen-related, this has been a fun find for me. I usually have it on in the background while I’m cleaning sticky fingerprints off the table and picking up endless Matchbox cars on the floor. And I pretend that someday I’ll have a beautiful professional kitchen like the set on “The Chew.”

4)  Favorite Titus sayings 
Somehow, my spunky little two year old has the idea that if something isn’t quite right about our home, then we just need to buy a new one. After passing gas on the floor he said, “Ty toot on carpet. Need buy new house now.” Upon finding a knot-hole in his bedroom hardwood floors he says, “Hole in floor. Floor broke. Need buy new house for Ty.” Where does he come up with this stuff?! He also refers to Tanner’s place of employment (called PDI) as “Chubby Eye.” We told him his Uncle Jon works at Pioneer, and he now calls Pioneer “Eye Pan.” Maybe it’s not that cute in written form, but seriously…you have to hear him say it. It’s adorable! 🙂

5)  Favorite question I was asked this week
My daycare kids walked here after school yesterday, and I told them we’d be watching a movie…one that I liked when I was young. One little boy, in a very exasperated voice said, “Oh, man! Does that mean it’s in black and white?!” Ummm…no. I’m not that old. But now I feel old. Thanks. 😉

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your weekend!