Happy Friday!

This week has been one filled with emotions of all kinds, and I couldn’t be happier to welcome the weekend with open arms.

The first week of school has been fun for Nadia, and she has gone happily each morning. Jayda, on the other hand, has really struggled. Anxiety and worry have filled her little heart, and each morning has been an emotional battle to get her off to school. And that is hard for this momma.

So I am excited that we can all wake up tomorrow morning, sit around in our jammies, and watch cartoons with coffee mugs in hand (for mom and dad, anyway!) šŸ™‚ I’m feeling the need for a relaxing family day.

When I was blogging more regularly, I shared “Friday Favorites” with my readers. For today, I thought maybe I’d share two of my favorite photos from this week.


You may have read in my last post that I’ve been a bit intrigued lately with Julia Child. I’ve enjoyed reading about her, watching her cooking shows from years ago, and soaking in her many cooking tips. Tanner snapped this photo last night as we sat down to our dinner, featuring the first Julia Child recipe I’ve ever cooked. Now, please realize we are not food photographers…obviously. I could’ve presented the plate a bit better, but whatever…it was a fun evening, as I couldn’t help but smile when everyone took their first bite of “Steak Diane.” I knew it was good when Tanner replied with his mouth full of steak, “Mmmm….thanks, Julia.” šŸ™‚ I agreed…thanks, Julia. You’ve already taught me much, and I look forward to more.


Okay, so Julia Child would not be so impressed with what I found lurking inside my toaster today. Yes, that is indeed a rubber band. Most likely courtesy of a curious little boy named Titus. In the past I’ve found blueberries and raspberries stuffed in the toaster, as well as a pacifier. Those were rescued before they had a chance to fry. But not this poor rubber band. Judging by the charred look, it’s had its fair share of heat in the toaster. Oh, Titus…there’s never a dull moment. Never.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend. The ten day forecast in my neck of the woods looks miserable…mid to upper 90’s all ten days with heat indexes in the 100’s. Boo. I am so over summer, and ready to welcome Fall. So for the next couple weeks I’ll bear with the heat, but inside I’ll be preparing for pumpkin bread and chili. Who knows, maybe I’ll even boycot the stupid hot weather and listen to a little Michael Buble Christmas! šŸ˜‰ Take THAT weather man!