Summer came. Summer went. Summer ended.

And, it seriously feels like it went more quickly than any other summer.

We did our fair share of swimming and ice cream eating. We caught lightning bugs and stayed up way too late some nights. And while the last three months were fun and wonderful, I must say that I have welcomed the new school year with anticipation. The recent fighting between my kids has shown me that a lack of definite routine is not a good long-term plan. 🙂

And so today, I feel like we’ve turned over a new leaf. Today marks the first full week of school for this year, as well as the return of my daycare kids. In a sense, the school year brings about more busyness than I sometimes welcome. But in another sense, it brings about much needed routine and consistency, and we all thrive on that.

How cute are these beauties on their first day of Kindergarten and Third Grade?!


Praying for these special girlies each and every day. Praying that they will shine for Jesus, and that they would find (and be) wonderfully influential people in their classrooms.

In other news….
1) I am excited to actually have a few quiet moments during the day to blog. I’ve missed it!

2) I have a newfound obsession with Julia Child. I recently watched Julie and Julia, and fell in love. I’m now reading a biography, and watching past episodes of her show, The French Chef. She was certainly an interesting personality of sorts, but her love for food and cooking inspire me. And the fact that she was 6’2″, and that her husband was shorter than her….well, that just makes us two peas in a pod!

3) I am totally loving that Bosh mixer I blogged about this summer. I made bread last week, and I think I’ve found a really good recipe! Now I just need to save up for some good quality bread pans I’ve been eyeing, and I could go into the bread-baking business. Okay, so not really, but I can always dream, right?!

4) I am privileged to spend my days with this little man, and I am already enjoying our newfound one-on-one time. He’s showing signs that he’s ready to be potty trained, he’s needing to move from his crib to a big-boy bed, and the dreaded task of taking away his beloved binkies is long overdue. How has my baby boy grown up so fast?!

And so, if I have any readers left out there after my long summer sabbatical, thanks for sticking with me. It’s good to be back, and I hope to see you soon!