With each passing day, I am more aware of the spunk and spirit that lies beneath the sweet smile in this boy.

Every day he makes me laugh. And some days he frustrates me. Yet every day I love him more.


He is talking more and more each day. The following two conversations took place yesterday.

Conversation #1…at the supper table.

Me: “Titus, your sisters said you were mean to the kids at playgroup today. Were you mean?”

Titus: “No. No mean. Rude.”

Hmmm….so very thankful you were just rude and not mean? So much better?!?! Ugh.

Conversation #2…took place at my brother’s house, where Titus behaved more like a crazed maniac than a little boy. I was talking to him about the fact that he had just chucked something across the room.

Me: “Titus, show me your hands.” (he proudly held up his hands) “Who made those hands?”

Titus: “Ummm….God.”

Me: “Yes, God made your hands. How does God want your hands to act?”

Titus: “Mean.”

Me: “No, not mean.” How does God want your hands to act?”

Titus: “Rude.”

Me: (getting frustrated, yet trying not to laugh at the same time) “No!”

Titus: “Nice?”

Me: “Yes, buddy. God wants your hands to be nice.” (and Mommy can’t believe that his conversation actually took place. She’s quite certain she’s not cut out to raise such a spunky monkey!)




I love you, little buddy!!!!