Hello friends! I hope you’re all enjoying your week. This week, which started out just as normal as any other week, quickly turned quite exciting for this stay-at-home-mom of three. Usually things are pretty run-of-the-mill around here…prepare meals, do endless laundry, change diapers, play Candy Land, bathe muddy children, tuck children into bed, and then we start it all over again the next day. Don’t get me wrong…I adore my job and wouldn’t trade it for the world. But what took place on Tuesday afternoon was more excitement than this mommy has seen in a long time.

Opening my front door to retrieve the mail, I saw a package on the bench. I had recently ordered a book from Amazon.com, so I assumed that’s what the box contained. I was absolutely taken aback when the open box revealed a collection of attachments for the Bosch Mixer that I’d been wanting for a long time.

A little background…many months ago, I decided to start saving money for a Bosch Mixer. I’ve always wanted to bake all of our family’s bread from scratch, and this machine is amazing for mixing bread dough. Knowing that we didn’t have an extra $500 to $600 sitting around, I began looking for creative ways to save for it. For months I stowed away birthday money, loose change, and cash from items I had sold on our local Swap Site. The week that I counted to reveal I was only $50 away from my goal is the week that our garage door broke, forcing me to make a decision…do I spend that saved money on the new garage door, or do we charge the new door on a credit card? Although it hurt a bit, I knew the right decision was to use that money for what was needed. And so on Saturday I toted my money jar to the bank, deposited each and every dollar and coin, and then wrote out the check for our new garage door being installed that day. Goodbye Bosch Mixer. 😦

And so out came the money jar again…on Monday I sold a wooden end table (that I’d found curbside) on the local Swap Site for $10. Thus began my second saving adventure for the mixer. This kinda felt like it was going to take forever.


Back to Tuesday afternoon. Why on earth was there a box with my name on it containing various attachments to this mixer?! As I unfolded the paper packing slip, my hands trembled and tears filled my eyes as I realized what was happening. A hand-written note on the slip explained that the attachments were included in the box, and that the mixer and an incredible food processor attachment would be arriving at a later date. And all of this via an anonymous giver. The word “Gift” was written across the top of the packing slip.

I couldn’t believe it! Nothing like this has ever happened to me. I was overwhelmed. I’m still overwhelmed!

While I don’t know if the giver of this gift will read this blog post or not, I hope that he or she knows how deeply my appreciation and thankfulness runs for their act of generosity.

As silly or weird as it sounds, I think I love others through food.
You’re hurt? I’ll bring you some food.
You had a baby? I’ll bring a hot meal.
You had a rough day? How about some silky chocolate and a steaming cup of coffee.
Congratulations on an accomplishment? We need some goodies to celebrate.

I can’t help it…it’s how I’m wired. I truly do love my family and friends through food. I love preparing fresh meals for my family each day, and it’s been a dream of mine for a while to add fresh baked bread to our daily menu. This very generous gift will make that a possibility, and I am giddy with excitement.

So, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you to whomever provided such a wonderful gift. I’m beyond humbled and grateful for such a wonderful surprise. Our family will use it often, and each time we do, we will be reminded of your kindness.

Beyond that, you’ve inspired me to look for needs elsewhere, and to help who I can when I can. I want to someday surprise someone in the wonderful way that you surprised me.

While “thank you” doesn’t seem like enough, I hope that the feelings in my heart are evidenced in that “thank you.” What a blessing. Thank you!

And now, I’m off to research how to make bread in my new mixer. Watch out friends and family…I’ll probably be loving you a lot through bread in the near future! 🙂

Love to you all!