DSC01828My dear boy…where do I begin?!

My heart leapt for joy when I learned the baby growing inside my belly was a boy. Although I had no idea how to raise a boy after birthing two girls, I was beyond thrilled.

As my pregnant abdomen swelled, so did my love for you, son. God answered all our prayers for a healthy pregnancy. Having had difficult and high-risk pregnancies with your sisters, we were overjoyed that I was able to carry you almost full-term.

I could fill this post with stories of your whit and spunk. From infancy, we’ve seen a spark in your eyes that gave us a glimpse of your effervescent personality. While your strong will and high energy are sometimes exhausting, I wouldn’t trade them for anything. You keep us on out toes for sure, little man!

Your big brown eyes capture the hearts of many. Who wouldn’t fall in love with you at first glimpse?!

You, just like your Uncle Tony, often don’t realize the amount of strength you possess. Your large hands and strong little arms often overpower other kiddos your age (and sometimes kids older than you!) . I often pray that your would be firm and strong as you one day become a strong man, but that your heart will be forever tender and malleable.

God has big plans for you, Titus James. We pray that you will live up to your name….”honorable defender.” There are many, many things in your life that will be worth defending, and others that while tempting, will not be worth the time or effort to defend. We pray that you will one day see your need for a Savior, and that you will accept the love that Christ has shown to you. We pray that you will always honorable defend your faith in the Lord, as well as other important things like family and friends.

As we raise you to be a warrior for God’s kingdom, we’re so anxious to see the plans He has for you. We love you so much, Titus! Happy birthday!!!!