Summer is proving very difficult to accomplish much blogging. We are enjoying our summer here, but I had forgotten how very busy these weeks are. My head is bursting with blog ideas, but time is just not allowing it. Maybe someday? 

It’s wedding week around here, folks!! My sister, who is also my very best friend, is getting married!!!!! ImageMy little family, all five of us, have the honor of being in Jonathan and Amanda’s wedding on Saturday. I can’t wait! I’ve been so concerned with the details of the wedding…hair appointments made, dresses pressed and hanging up, tux fitting appointments. And then I remembered I hadn’t practiced the song yet that they’ve asked me to sing. So I haphazardly pulled out the old CD (it’s the same song I sang to Tanner on our wedding day), and plopped it in the CD player of my minivan on my way to WalMart the other night. Maybe I’d forgotten how much that song meant to me, and how wonderful it would be to sing it again. Tears filled my eyes as I tried to sing the melody.

I parked in the furthest parking spot in the lot, and sang loudly with tears in my eyes. Yes, I’m sure it was quite the site! 🙂 You see, I was overcome with gratitude for the beauty that a wedding represents. I was reminded of God’s goodness to me ten years ago when He gave me a wonderful man to marry, and I was filled with a new excitement for my sister who will be given an amazing gift on Saturday. The gift of marriage. 

So they’ll be no more blogging this week. Instead, we’ll be preparing for a fun celebration! Wish us luck…we have to somehow figure out how to get this spunky monkey to cooperate as the ring-bearer! Image