To My Love,

Happy ten year anniversary! Ten years?! It may be a cliche, but is oh so true…time flies when you’re having fun. And I’d say we’ve had our fair share of fun. And our fair share of hurt and stress. But all rolled together, those experiences have made for an amazing journey.

While it was not necessarily love at first site for us, I look back with wonder on the circumstances that brought us together. Who would have ever thought that being asked to lead a campus Bible Study together would end up showing us how perfect we were for one another?! I love that we fell in love as we led others through the most important Book in our lives. I love that from the start, we both have had a passion for people and for the Gospel. And I love that those passions have only gotten stronger over the years. How thankful I am for God’s work in our lives!

Your gentle leadership has led our family through many ups and downs, and I am continually thankful for your godly wisdom. You have taught me that sometimes it’s better to be quiet, listen, and wait…I’m often too quick to be loud, talkative, and impatient. I am certainly thankful that our strengths and weaknesses work together to sharpen and strengthen one another.

When I walked down the aisle on our wedding day, I was certain I could not love you any more than I did at that moment. Oh, how wrong I was! The inscription you had engraved on my engagement ring has proved true over and over again…ILYMED…”I Love You More Every Day.” I do love you more with each passing day, month, and year. Even on days when we haven’t necessarily gotten along, I’ve never stopped loving you. And I can say with complete certainty that my love for you now is larger, deeper, and more personal than it was ten years ago.

Nothing could have prepared me for the journey of parenthood we would take together. What a wild ride! I will never forget when Jayda was born and you became a daddy for the first time. Tears rolled down your cheeks in the whirlwind of the delivery room, and you beamed with pride. You were insistent that you be the one to call her pediatrician’s office to make her two-week check up appointment, because you were so excited to say that you needed to make an appointment for “your daughter.” You were proud from the start! I knew you’d be a great husband, and I knew you’d be a great daddy…but I didn’t know you’d be an absolutely INCREDIBLE daddy! Our three children are blessed beyond measure to have you as their father. Gentle, loving, godly, funny, and kind…you set an example for them that far exceeds anything I expected. Sometimes it makes me think we should bring another Archer baby into the mix! πŸ™‚

I love seeing you use the talent and desires that God has given you. You’re very gifted in your job, and I love coming to visit you at work and watching you in action. You set a great example for those around you in the workplace. I love watching you play your guitar in the worship band at church. You love using your talent for the Lord, and it shows. More recently it’s been fun to watch you use your knowledge of photography and video editing at church. There’ve been many nights you’ve worked late to finish something, but you’ve never complained. You love to work quietly and inconspicuously behind the scenes to accomplish work for the church, and more importantly for the glory of the Lord. That’s a challenge to me. Thank you for always working with a servant’s heart. I know that our children will one day view your service as an example and challenge to them.

Thank you for always being my number one cheerleader. You are always quick to encourage, and slow to say anything negative. Several years ago when I asked if it was crazy to start this new thing called a blog, you encouraged me to try it. I have struggled to be consistent with my writing, and you’ve been the one who has encouraged me to continue. You’d ask what my blog plans were for the week. God knew that I needed a writing outlet, and He used you to encourage me to do it. Were it not for your encouragement, I’d not have tried many of the endeavors that I have. You’ve shown me that I’m capable of more than I once thought.

Thank you for putting up with my crazy ideas to always change decorations around the house. We’ve had some “interesting” conversations about this topic, but you’ve always been willing to let me try my sometimes over-the-top ideas. You’ve applauded me when those ideas worked, but you’ve never said “I told you so” when they haven’t worked. Thank you for that.

I know we had hoped to go on a trip for our ten year anniversary, and I’m really sorry that it won’t work. It would be easy to sulk and fuss about not being able to afford a trip of any kind. But your positive outlook on it has encouraged and blessed me. While it may not be anything fancy, I cannot wait to spend the entire day with you. A day for just the two of us. I’m excited to hold your hand while we sip coffee and talk. I’m excited to eat a meal with you without anyone spilling their milk or fighting with their siblings. I’m excited to have uninterrupted time to talk…really talk…to reminisce the past ten years and daydream about the next ten years.

My dear, this letter could continue for a very long time. I have so much for which to thank you. These ten years have been the best of my life, and I’m very much looking forward to another ten years with you. Thank you for everything. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. ILYMED!!!