It’s just another manic Monday….really, truly. 

I sat here this morning typing a blog post about what had been on my heart lately. Why I hadn’t blogged at all last week. What God is teaching me. 

Then I turned around to see the ruin that is caused when your freezer water line breaks and empties all 5 gallons of your water purification tank onto your hardwood flooring in the kitchen. 

Needless to say, God must be still trying to teach me something. So while I cleaned up the mess, I tried to have a good attitude. While we decide whether to pay to have an old fridge fixed or spend money we don’t have on a new one, I’ll try to be thankful. 

And now I’ll go wash all the towels that we own, as they were all used to sop up water. 

Happy Monday! Hope to share more in the week after the chaos settles here.