Happy Friday! I’ve got several things on my mind this morning for my “Friday Favorite” post.

1) First thing I thought I’d share are two of my new favorite movies. Most movies we watch in this house are cartoons for our kids, and the first of the two movies falls into kid category. Have you seen it?

One of Disney’s more recent movies, this has fast become a favorite in our house. Titus fell in love with it the first time he saw it, and he’s always asking to watch Ralph. A little disclaimer…there are a few things in this movie that I wish weren’t there. Nothing awful, just a few quotes that are actually quite hilarious to an adult, but maybe not totally necessary for kiddos. Don’t get me wrong…nothing that’s going to scar them for life or turn them into unruly children…just thought I’d let you know there’s a few things they could have left out. But, quite honestly, what movie doesn’t have that? Everyone has differing views on this topic, so I’ll just leave it at that. It’s a funny movie for kids and adults alike…just be aware that my views of funny might be different than yours. 🙂

The second movie I wanted to tell you about is one that Tanner and I watched over the past two evenings. It was a rare treat…a great movie without anything questionable, and a great motivational story based on actual events. Love those kinds of movies!

The movie follows a young boy yearning to surf the world’s most dangerous waves. The story between him and his trainer is amazing, and even made this girl from Iowa who can’t even swim want to try surfing! Great movie! Highly recommended.

2) Have you ever walked away from a situation in which you later figure out exactly what you should have said? Words escape you during the actual event, but then you re-play the conversation in your head, and you wish you were more witty in the moment? Here’s my favorite in-my-head comeback that happened this week after an especially awful trip to the doctor’s office.

Per the nurse’s advice on the phone, I took Titus in because he had been throwing up and had diarrhea for 5 days. In one day alone, he had 15 really nasty diapers and was throwing up…definitely grounds for taking him to the doctor. A very cocky male medical student examined my son, pushing so hard on his stomach it made Titus screech…refusing to look in my son’s mouth with a tongue depressor because in his words, his greatest fear is that he’ll get vomitted on…yelling at my son to hold still while he examines his ears…telling me there’s nothing really wrong with my son and that he looks just fine.  To which I wish I’d replied…

Young, ignorant, and inexperienced man…you are obviously neither a doctor nor a parent. Until you are either of those, please do not tell me there is nothing wrong with 15 explosive diarrhea diapers in one day. Maybe some day you will be covered from head to toe in your child’s vomit like I was this morning…nothing better than that to cure your childish fear of puke! My son is only a year old…please don’t yell at him to hold still while shoving your odoscope in his ear. You might want to learn how to use that tool better if you plan to continue in the medical field. And, please, whatever you do, don’t ever tell a mother there’s nothing wrong with her sick child. Nobody, I repeat nobody, knows a child better than his mother. Don’t mess with a momma and her sick baby! 

There…I feel better! Not that he’ll ever know that’s what was actually going on in my head, but it feels good to vent. Thanks for listening! 🙂

3) Finally, I found some fun things thrifting last night. After days of cleaning up puke and being puked on, Tanner told me to get out for an evening. I spent some time at local thrift shops, and it was good therapy! I found a few blue canning jars to add to my collection… I LOVE these jars! If anyone has any they’d like to re-home, my home would be happy to house them for you. 🙂


My favorite find? An antique nut grinder attached to a cute little jar, and it only cost me $1.00. I’m not sure why I love it so much, but I do. So cute!

Best wishes to you all this weekend! Hoping and praying it warms up here soon…Spring is right around the corner, but it can’t seem to make its full appearance. I’m itching to plant flowers and dig in the dirt!

Happy Friday, all!!!!