I’ve had to stop on several occasions today and really contemplate what day it is. The last few days have blurred together while I’ve cleaned up more vomit and diarrhea than anyone should ever have to clean. How can so much come from the body of such a little boy?!

A visit to Urgent Care last night provided us with a miracle pill called Zofran. It calmed Titus’ tummy right away, and we thankfully had a full night of sleep last night.

I’ve been missing my blog the last week or so, and just thought I’d pop in to say hello! Hopefully we’ll get back on track here, and I can begin writing again. I think I love to write more and more all the time. In fact, there may be a post coming soon to tell you about my brand new (well, new to me) writing desk, and how I transformed it into a beautiful corner where I can write to my heart’s content.

Speaking of projects, remember those end tables and coffee tables I showed you a while back? Picked up on the side of the road, they were sturdy and useful but in major need of some paint.


I took a vote…white or blue? What should I do? The majority voted blue, and I’m happy to say they’re finished. I love them! The coffee table provides a perfect spot for board games and snacks, and the end tables work well tucked away on either side of the fireplace. The best part? I did it all for $8.00!!!

IMG_4325 IMG_4326 IMG_4327 IMG_4328Enjoy your day, friends! Hope to see you soon. 🙂