Good morning, Monday. I must admit I’m not overly fond of the fresh blanket of snow you brought with you, but in this too I will rejoice, right?

While the blustery snow and still frigid temperatures were one more reason to grumble when Titus woke up at 5AM today, I’m trying very hard to choose joy. While several things may not have been overly joyous this morning, I have much for which to be thankful.

An afternoon of thrifting on Saturday provided me with this adorable burlap sign. Priced at a mere 75 cents, it was pennies well spent, as it speaks directly to what my heart has been feeling lately.
IMG_4188Several months ago, following a suggestion from one of my husband’s coworkers who reads my blog, I began thinking about her advice to blog more often with the intent of growing my group of followers. I scoffed at this advice, thinking there was no way anyone beside close family and friends would want to read my amateur words. But the idea continues to surface…at first in my head, and now in my heart. I have a passion for words in written form. I can write more clearly than I can speak, as the feelings from my heart seem to flow through my fingers at a keyboard.

So I’ve wrestled with the idea for months…I’ve picked out a name for my potential new blog, and my head continually fills with ideas of what to write. But a voice inside keeps telling me it’s silly and frivolous.  But the idea is still there…simmering like a pot of warm soup, its aroma filling every corner of my mind and heart. Maybe I should?

Time last night with my husband and kids as well as my parents, siblings, and siblings-in-laws reminded me just how blessed I am to not only call them my family, but to call them my best friends. And for that I am thankful this morning.

Because I cannot word it any more perfectly, I’ll quote (a paraphrase) from a book I’ve been loving. Her words about family are precisely how I feel.

My family has grown through the years into my closest friends. Families can go either way, and I take no credit for the way we’ve gone. I accept it like a gift or a winning lottery ticket, and I hold that ticket in my hand tightly, and I take every chance I can get to be with them, for an afternoon, for a weekend, for a vacation, and every moment feels like being given one more winning ticket.
Shauna Niequist, “Cold Tangerines”

So to my family, I love you. We may be goofy and tease each other, sometimes relentlessly, but I know our love and appreciation for one another runs deep. We may not always see eye-to-eye (like the time you all about died when I pierced my nose!), but that’s what keeps things interesting. Our differences only accentuate our uniqueness, and I love you each in your own unique way. Can’t wait for our next goofy get-together. I love you all!

Hugs to you all this Monday. Enjoy your day, and revel in your blessings!