Happy Friday!! 

What are your weekend plans? The hubby and I are going to a concert tonight…we haven’t been on a real date in a LONG time, so this is long overdue. A huge thanks to Aunt Ashley and Uncle Tony for taking care of our crazies tonight so we can have a little fun. 🙂

The arrival of a package at my doorstep today inspired my topic for today’s “Friday Favorite” post. Were it not socially unacceptable or just plain weird, I’d liked to have hugged the FedEx man who delivered it…I was that excited! No, it wasn’t a package filled with fancy and expensive items. Just one small box containing three books I purchased with some money generously given to me last week. Yep, I’ll admit it…I’m a book nerd!!Image

These books were purchased through Amazon.com with our new Amazon Prime Membership. We’d tossed around the idea of getting a Prime membership for a while, and we’re so glad that we did! The yearly membership is $80, which seems a bit high, but we’ve already found it to be worth every dollar. 

Amazon.com has thousands and thousands of items available for purchase, most of which are eligible for the Prime Membership FREE 2-day shipping. I ordered my books on Wednesday evening around 9PM, and the FedEx guy delivered them today at noon. Fast! 

We haven’t even begun to use all of Amazon’s Prime Membership features, but we’re excited to try them…free Kindle books and free online movie streaming are a couple of the things we’ve not yet tried (but we’ve heard great things about them). 

My favorite things to purchase on Amazon.com are books, but there are so many more items to purchase! Tanner has purchased several things for his computer, and one of the most cost effective things we’ve purchased is a new ink refill for our printer. What would have cost us $60 at Best Buy only cost $17 on Amazon! 

We’ve purchased some grocery items, as well, that were MUCH cheaper through Amazon than in the health market at our local grocery store. 

All that to say…we are lovin’ our Amazon Prime Membership. It’s worth a try if you like buying things online. It’s a win-win for me…I can shop from home without having to drag kids to the store, and it’s delivered to my doorstep. Hello, easy! 🙂 

How ’bout you all? Anyone else love Amazon.com?