I have no fabulous advice to offer this Friday…no favorite product to advertise…just my thoughts. Penny for my thoughts? Okay. Here we go!

Spring Break is upon us! It’s my favorite break during the school year. It means that warmer weather is just around the bend, and it seems that the few remaining weeks of school speed by. I can almost smell the chlorine of the swimming pool! 🙂


I had a slight twinge of guilt this morning as my oldest daughter remarked that it seems everyone we know is going to Florida for Spring Break. That, of course, was a dramatic statement but it did have some truth. While not EVERYONE we know is sunbathing on the beach, we do have a fair amount of loved ones spending their week in “paradise.” 

Puzzle time with my middle child gave way to more conversation of desired travel. While placing the wooden state pieces onto the puzzle board, she pointed to each place she’d like to visit. The list was long! “Mommy, what states have you been to?” That list was short. 

And so this week I continue my “never streak”…I’ve never flown in an airplane. I’ve never seen the ocean. I’ve never been out of the country. I’ve never in my married life taken a “real” vacation.

Lest you think I’m complaining, let me clarify. I’m totally okay with my “never streak.” While I may have lots of “nevers,” I also have many “always.”

I always wake up next to the man of my dreams.


I am always greeted by three incredible gifts who need me each and every day.



I am always kept cozy in the home God has provided. I always have food on the table and clothes on my back.

Those “always” are held near and dear to my heart, but the stark reality is that they may not forever be my “always.” I’m not guaranteed another day, hour, or minute with those blessings. You’d better believe I’m trying my best to not take them for granted. 

And the most important “always” that will never change is that I am always loved by my King and Savior. I am always welcomed into His arms with a lovingkindness I’d like to exude in my own heart. And in this I find peace unwavering and strong. 

And so these next nine days will bring opportunity for extra time with my family.
ImageI plan to use that time in the best way I know how. While we may not have plans for anything extraordinary by some standards, I plan to find the extraordinary right where we are. 

How about you, friends? What are your plans for Spring Break? If you’re vacationing, be safe and have a fantastic time! If you’re “stay-cationing” like us, be safe and have a fantastic time, as well! I’d love to hear about your plans and outings. Leave a comment and let me know your plans. Happy Spring!!! 🙂