Happy Wednesday!

When I started my Wellness Wednesday posts, I was supposed to keep you all updated on my weight-loss progress. It has been a long time since I have talked about my weight loss, and that is on purpose. I struggled for quite a while, and gained some weight over the holiday season. Boo. 😦

I am pleased to report that I have lost that added weight, and I’m still working on the last 10 or 15 pounds I would like to lose. This is not easy, folks! If I have learned anything, it is that it only gets harder as life gets busier (and I get older) to lose weight.

I read a magazine article by the famous trainer Jillian Michaels. She has recently adopted two kids. She talked about how hard it is to take care of yourself when you are a parent. Amen sister!

Talking about motherhood she says,

Man, it’s tough. In my previous life, I could enjoy a long workout, go see a movie, order in. Right now I’m juggling two sick kids and trying to squeeze in a quick run or shower before one of them starts puking again.

Yep…been there! Doesn’t get any easier, honey.

Anyone remember my post last week about eating crow? Sounds like Jillian has eaten crow. She said she used to be so hard on people about exercising, and now she understands why it is so hard for parents of young kids.

All of that said, I am anxious for warmer weather this spring so exercising might be a little bit easier. Pushing my kids in the stroller is a lot more enjoyable than walking mindlessly on a treadmill.

If I have one wellness tip for today, it might be my new found favorite yogurt. It is higher in sugar than ideal, but it is good for a sweet treat every now and then. Coffee flavored and creamy, it hit the spot when I wanted a little treat.


Enjoy your Wednesday! The sun is shining here, the weather forecast looks a lot warmer in the next few days, and Spring Break starts in a couple days. It’s a great day around here! Best wishes to you all!