I must admit…the temptation to complain is great this morning. We have MORE snow. Daylight Savings time stole away an hour of precious sleep. It’s Monday. Winter blues have set in. 

But, I’m determined to be thankful instead. We needed this moisture from the snow. Maybe it will help my garden I hope to plant this Spring.

While I lost an hour of sleep, my kids are technically sleeping in later since the time change. That means I enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee and some reading time this morning. So enjoyable!

It may be Monday, but this week is a short week. Four days of school, and Spring Break begins on Friday. Spring Break already?! That’s something to be thankful for! 

And for today, that’s it…just sharing with ya’ll that I’m CHOOSING joy this morning. CHOOSING to be thankful. That choice doesn’t always come naturally, unfortunately. But for today, I put one foot in front of the other, knowing that walking joyfully is far better than the alternative. 

Happy Monday! Count your blessings, and CHOOSE joy!