Happy Friday!!

I’ve missed blogging the last week or so. No good excuse as to why I haven’t blogged…quite honestly, I think the winter laziness has kicked in, and I’m feeling its effects! Come on, Spring!!!

If you know me well, you know that I love coffee. I drink it every morning, and often times Tanner and I will have a cup in the evening, as well. While I enjoy lattes and other specialty drinks, their high price and sheer amount of sugar makes me steer clear most of the time. A stop at the new Caribou Coffee in town a couple weeks ago cost me just shy of $4.00 for a small specialty drink, and a whopping 44 grams of sugar (and that’s without whipped cream)…do the conversion math, and that’s 11 teaspoons of sugar! I might as well wish my pancreas good luck before taking the first sip!


Enter today’s Friday Favorite…my new favorite (not to mention MUCH healthier) way to make a specialty coffee drink at home.

The Aeropress



Priced at just $25, this little coffee press is amazing! Reviews from across the globe rate the espresso from the Aeropress as better tasting than espresso from machines that cost as much as my first car! Serious.

The Aeropress makes deep, dark espresso. If you’re like me and not into drinking shots of espresso, you can either use the espresso in steamed milk for a latte, or mix it with an equal amount of hot water for a Cafe Americano, much like a regular cup of black coffee.

The amount of coffee creamer I have used in my lifetime is somewhat embarrassing. I have, on several occasions, tried to give it up all together as I hate the fake chemicals and yucky sugars in them. I always returned to them, as I loved the sweet taste they gave to my coffee. However, once I started using the Aeropress, I kissed those coffee creamers goodbye. My morning cup ‘o joe is now simply milk, espresso, and honey. That’s it. And let me tell you…it’s amazing! Creamy and smooth, it tastes like I’m drinking something that should be outlawed on most diet programs. Don’t believe me? Come on over sometime for a cup of my new favorite coffee, and you can taste for yourself while we chat over our steaming mugs. πŸ™‚

To my knowledge, the Aeropress cannot be purchased anywhere locally, but is available on Amazon.com. The package will come with all you need to make your own espresso. There are little filters that you’ll need to replenish your stock after a while, but they’re super cheap and also available on Amazon.com. Your Aeropress will come with a lot of those little filters, though, so you’re good to go for a while.

One last thing…clean up of this little coffee maker is amazingly simple. Less than 30 seconds to clean it. I love that part!

Anyone else used an Aeropress? If you have, I’d love to hear how you make your coffee. And, if any of my readers decide to purchase one and try it out, let me know what you think.

Here’s a basic recipe for how I make our coffee with the Aeropress.

-4 ounces hot water (almost, but not quite, to the boiling point)
-2 Aeropress scoops ground Espresso beans (you can also use regular ground coffee)
-8-10 ounces milk

Following the Aeropress instructions, I brew the water and espresso grounds. You’ll be amazed at how quick it is…literally 30 seconds.

I put my milk in a glass mason jar and microwave it until it reaches 170 degrees. Once it’s warmed, place the lid on the jar and shake like crazy. This is the poor girl’s way of frothing her milk…no fancy milk frothers for me!

To the warmed and frothed milk, add the espresso as well as the amount of honey you’d like for sweetness.

Easy, peasy! And, so delicious! Mmmmm…..

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! See you next week.