Warning: Today’s post will be a bit random. It’s just what I’m feeling today. 🙂

If only all mornings could begin this way…the house remained silent while I savored not one, but TWO cups of creamy steaming coffee while reading beautifully written words. Words. I’ve always loved words, but have been more enthralled and in love with them now than ever before. I love reading well-written literature, and I have always dreamed of becoming a writer. A far-fetched dream I know, but a good dream nonetheless. Speaking of words, I wanted to share a great movie Tanner and I watched last weekend. Image

It had been a long time since we’d watched a movie together, and it was such a treat to watch a GOOD movie together. So many current movies are empty and somewhat trashy, but this one was not. There were a few choice words and a few kissing scenes, but nothing too inappropriate. Written from a writer’s perspective, it did very little to squelch my unattainable dream of becoming an author…in fact, it only fanned the flame and made me dream of it even more.

I’ve been accused, and rightly so, of writing about projects I’ve worked on, but rarely posting pictures. So I thought I’d share one of those projects today.  Sturdy and well-built, this 3-drawer table in our entryway serves its purpose well, but looked too dark and dingy. I scored this for $10, and knew it had good potential. IMG_3747This project did NOT go as planned. Lots of trial and error, and many layers of paint later, I’m pleased with it.

IMG_4053I’m sorry for the horrible pictures…while I’d love to be a writer someday, I never said I’d aspire for a career in photography! 🙂

I primed and painted the entire thing with white paint, and then covered the drawers with lace that I’d painted grey. I glued the lace onto the drawer fronts with a homemade version of the ever-popular ModgePodge. So easy…simply mix equal parts of Elmer’s glue and water, and paint over the surface. It took three layers of the glue mixture, but it dried beautifully and so far has held up well.

IMG_4054Rest assured there are more projects in the works around here. I’ll try to be better about posting before and after photos. 🙂

The last of today’s randomness is by far the most wonderful. Today I’m ever so thankful for my baby boy’s big brown eyes. I mean, really…could he not just melt your heart?!

IMG_3281Happy Monday, everyone!