I was thinking this morning of what I could post that has to do with mental wellness…what to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed and you think you might just go cooky. Our evening last night was the breaking point to my craziness. The night went something like this…

*Childcare children leave at 5:30, my family is starving, and I haven’t started supper. 

*Titus is screaming and throwing himself on the floor because he wants to play outside more. 

*I speedily make supper. During the process I burn the bacon to a black crisp. Said bacon goes into the trash, burning a hole through the bag, causing bacon grease to drip all over my floor. 

*I plug in my ancient cast iron waffle iron, and Jayda doesn’t realize it’s crazy hot. She reaches across the counter, and burns her forearm quite badly. 

*While treating the burn as best I know how, I stir scrambled eggs, pour waffle batter, and hold the phone to my shoulder while I talk to the on-call doctor. 

*Per doctor’s instructions, we head to Urgent Care…stomachs empty as we were too worked up to eat. Doctor visit, prescription pick-up, bedtime routine…ahh, finally…into bed I fall. 

*Sleep eluded me, and then 4:30 AM came all to quickly when Titus decided it was time to be up for the day. Really?!

Starting the day today tired and overwhelmed wasn’t ideal. I have so much to do…small group tonight, Jayda’s birthday tomorrow, two family parties this weekend, Valentine’s Day preparation. Lots to do, and the coffee pot seemed to empty all too soon this morning. 

Tempted to throw myself a little pitty party, I decided instead to do something that usually calms me down…I started a project! 🙂 Weird, I know…but it helped. I got my creativity on, and I was calmed. It certainly helped that I blasted Chris Tomlin’s new CD the whole time and had a good heart-to-heart with the Lord. 🙂 

So there’s still lots to do. Floors to vacuum. Birthday cupcakes to make. Valentines to prepare. Presents to wrap. Toilets to clean. Childcare kiddos to care for in a few minutes. But, strangely, I feel calmer. 

I’ll blog about my little project once it’s done. So far I think it’s adorable!

How about you? What helps you do de-stress when things are going haywire?