Good Monday morning!! (probably afternoon by the time I actually finish this post) 🙂

I hope your weekend was as relaxing and profitable as mine. The freezing rain in my neck of the woods meant we enjoyed a pajama, coffee, and pancake morning on Sunday, as church was cancelled. It was a much needed morning with my family. I finished my tax information, too…huge accomplishment!

This Monday morning, I am thankful for these items that are waiting to help me transform some awesome furniture I found curbside on Friday. Image

While taking my daughter to preschool, I came across some real treasures. In true Emily fashion, I couldn’t bear to see them crushed in the garbage truck, so into my van they went. They’re dying for fresh coats of paint, and I plan to start the transformations today.

Folks, really…this makes me giddy! So excited!! I’ll post photos of the projects later. Stay tuned.

For now, I need the opinion of my readers. One of the items I found was a solid oak coffee table with great structure and lines, but a horrible oak finish. Once painted, it will make a cute and useful addition to our living room.Image

My question…should I play it safe and paint it white, or should I add a big pop of color and paint it an antiqued turquoise? The antiqued turquoise would match this cute little shelf that I adore in our kitchen. ImageSo, please cast your vote…which color do you think would look best? I’d love to hear your opinion!!! 🙂