There’s a girl I once knew. This girl, she adored raising her voice in song during worship time at church. She often joined the praise team on stage, singing and leading others in heartfelt worship. When she wasn’t on stage her voice rang loud and clear from her seat in the congregation, reflecting the worship that resided in her heart. Oh, how she loved to worship!

I haven’t seen that girl in a while, and I miss her. You see, me…I’ve been different than that girl. Oh, how my heart has desired that kind of worship! But that type of unbridled worship is often hard from my seat in the congregation. It’s difficult to concentrate when baby boy fusses and squeals. When my young girls who should know better refuse to stand during worship time. When baby boy tries to feed me his Cheerios when I open my mouth to sing. When children need bathroom visits. When things just aren’t ideal. I’ve found myself singing, but not truly worshiping.

I often think of that girl I once knew. How I envy her unwavering concentration. Did she have any idea that life’s circumstances could sometimes make worship difficult?

And then yesterday, the most amazing thing happened. I saw that girl again! She was able to stand on stage, undistracted, and offer praises to her King. The music was amazing, and the praises rang out loud and clear. As she tapped her foot to the beat and raised her hand in adoration, she felt a re-awakening in her heart. Oh, what joy!

And then that girl, she sat down in her seat after worship time. She peered down the aisle at baby boy and her two young girls. And do you know what she realized? While sometimes difficult, true heartfelt worship is attainable at all times. All times. Whether on stage or in her seat, singing alone or pushing back Cheerios with baby on hip, worship resides in her soul. God knows her heart and her circumstances, and He knows it’s not always possible to sing praises undistractingly. But it is possible to offer those praises, distractions or not, through a heart that is set on her King.

And so that girl I once knew, I know her again. I see that girl through a new pair of eyes now. I see that she’s the same girl…she can still worship…it just looks a bit different at this stage in her life.

Next Sunday, when that girl I sit in my seat and sing praises to my King, I’ll do so from a heart that has MUCH to be thankful for. Amidst distractions of little ones, I’ll offer up my praise and adoration as best I can. Even if I have to do it with a mouth full of Cheerios!