Have you heard the recent news announcing that milk prices could reach $8.00 per gallon?! Guess what? Some milk is already close to that price. Organic, grass-fed milk at my local grocery store retails for almost $7.00 per gallon. Ridiculous. I prefer to buy this milk, and definitely do so when possible, but it’s often hard with our budget.

Which is why today, I did a happy dance when I saw that the aforementioned liquid gold was on clearance for $1.00 per gallon. Paired with the stores’ 10% discount for health market foods, I scored each for 90 cents! I picked up ten several gallons, and spent my afternoon divvying milk into glass mason jars to stock my freezer. Image

ImageAt this price, this quality of milk was totally worth hoarding being resourceful. 🙂 

Remember that shrimp scene from the movie Forest Gump? I kinda feel like that today…milkshakes, milk and cookies, milk and cereal, milk, milk, milk! 

Aside from the seemingly silliness of this post…I’m serious, friends. Organic, grass-fed, VAT-pasturized, non-homogonized milk is excellent for our overall wellness. Free of antibiotics and chemicals, it’s easier for the body to digest as it’s not homogenized. This takes a bit to get used to, as it’s more like farm fresh milk with a thin layer of cream at the top. My family still thinks this is odd, but it just takes some remembering to shake it before using. No biggie. 

Well wishes to all of my readers today! Oh, and feel free to share any recipes you love that require milk. I’ve got plenty of it here! 🙂