This man right here…he’s pretty much amazing!ย IMG_2769He scheduled a day off work yesterday, and I was instructed to leave the house for the whole day. Instructions for my day included no errand running…I was to just enjoy a day to myself, doing whatever my heart desired. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

*While he chauffeured kids to school, I sipped a dark chocolate mocha with my nose in a good book.

*While he swept the kitchen floor, I shopped for new clothes (at a 70% off rack…the practical girl in me couldn’t buy full price!).

*While he changed diapers, I spontaneously got my ears double-pierced.

*While he prepared lunch for hungry little ones, I enjoyed soup and salad at a restaurant…again, with my nose in a good book.

I am a refreshed momma this morning, ready to conquer life in a new way. Thank you, Tanner, for a wonderful day! You spoiled me, and I felt guilty about it for like two seconds…then I got over it and reveled in my day! ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, back to reality…I have a question/favor for my readers. This will sound vague and you’ll wonder what I’m up to, but bear with me. I’ve had an idea rolling around my noggin for a while, and I’m starting to think I should run with the idea. I’ll reveal that idea at a later time; for now, I’m needing some materials for this idea. I picked up a few of these items while I shopped yesterday, but I could use more….

I’m looking for old, primitive, and vintage kitchen items. Specifically, I’m needing old bread pans, cake pans, cutting boards, mixing bowls, utensils, ect. I’d love to find a set of matching old bread pans like these. Anything cast iron would be fantastic, too!ย UnknownI’m also in the market for old books. Children’s classics, music books, educational books, pretty much anything old.

Are you curious yet?! There’s got to be some of this stuff out there that someone thinks is junk, but that I’d happily use. If you have anything like this (or know of anyone who might have anything like this) that you’d like to donate I could buy, would you let me know? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’d appreciate it ever so much!