Thank you to those who read my post on Wednesday and prayed for my sweet Nadia. What a blessing to have so many wonderful friends praying! Praise the Lord, it ended up being a bladder infection, and had nothing to do with appendix. Yeah!! She’s feeling much better!

Ahhh….Friday. Quite possibly my favorite day of the week! Our weekend plans include dessert at a friend’s house tonight, dinner at my mom and dad’s on Saturday, and wedding catering sampling with my sister on Sunday. Fun!! How about you?

I don’t know about you, but we eat a lot of fruit and veggies in this house. Okay, maybe a lot more fruit than veggies, but still…we like our produce. What I can’t stand is how dirty produce is when it’s purchased. Think about it…how many hands have touched that apple…how many kids have walked by and poked at that kiwi…how many times has a child curiously picked up a pear, only to drop it and chase it across the grocery store floor? (Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything!) πŸ™‚

I know most everyone will “wash” their produce before they eat it; however, I don’t consider a quick rub against a towel or a fast rinse of water an adequate way of washing produce. Enter today’s Friday Favorite…imagesThis is the BEST produce wash I’ve ever used and trust me, I’ve tried my fair share! Not only does this produce wash remove the dirt and grime from produce, it also claims to remove chemical sprays and waxes that are used on conventional produce. I love to purchase organic produce when possible, but let’s face it…groceries are getting so expensive that with a one-income family, organic is not always possible. I also love that the ingredients are natural and simple, containing no chemicals.

I’ve not seen this is stores locally, but it can be purchased online. Places like,, or other natural food stores online carry this product. I order mine through the co-op I belong to.

If you don’t currently use a produce wash, I’d really recommend trying one. And, I really don’t think you can go wrong with the Biokleen Produce Wash. Let me know if you try it, and what you think.

Have a great weekend, friends! I may or may not post on Monday…my incredibly wonderful and thoughtful husband has taken the day off work so I can get out and enjoy a day to myself. I’m salivating at the thought of it already!! My day will include coffee shops, good books, antique stores, and whatever else my heart desires. Pure bliss!! πŸ™‚