Happy Friday!!!!

We are looking forward to a great weekend. My mom and I are taking my girls to see “Little House on the Prairie” at a local playhouse this evening. Tomorrow we’re putting up our Christmas tree and enjoying a family day. Yeah for weekends!

Today’s Friday Favorite is one of my favorite books. I’ve mentioned the author several times before….Ann Voskamp is her name, and she has written an incredible book called, “One Thousand Gifts.”Β This book is on my list of books I’d like to re-read at least each year. It has transformed my way of thinking, and has had a huge impact on my life! I’m getting ready to re-read it soon, and very much looking forward to revisiting the truths she shares.

In this book, the author challenges the reader to begin counting each and every thing for which we’re thankful. To her, these things are gifts from God….both the large things in life, as well as the seemingly miniscule. She challenges her reader to physically write down each gift as we recognize them. For quite some time, I was writing down my gifts in my journal, and it opened my eyes and heart to the many ways that God blesses each and every day. Things that once might have seemed insignificant now seemed amazing!

I have since fallen out of the habit of writing down my gifts, and I’m really wanting to get back into it. I can tell a huge difference in my attitude and heart when I’m living out the things she writes about in this book. Reading it, and more importantly living out its truths, helped me to fall deeper in love with my God and Savior.

I’m going to try a first here on my blog today. A giveaway!!! Lots of bloggers often give away prizes on their blog. I’ve never done this, but would love to give it a try…especially when the prize is something as wonderful as this book!

Disclaimer…I don’t know how to do anything fancy like the automated blog thing that picks the winner. I’m not that techie! So, we’re doing it the old-fashioned way. I’ll have one of my daughter’s draw a number out of a hat, and the person whose comment on my blog corresponds to that number will win their own copy of “One Thousand Gifts,” complements of yours truly. πŸ™‚

To enter, please leave a comment on my blog…not on my Facebook link, but on my actual blog post. Tell me your name, email address, and something that you’d consider a gift from your day today…something for which you’re thankful. You have until Sunday afternoon at 4:00 PM Central Standard Time to enter. I’ll draw the winner on Sunday, and let you know if you’ve won! I think this will be fun! Good luck!

Blessings to you all this weekend! Enjoy your time with friends and family, and don’t forget to be on the lookout for the gifts God provides. Once you start looking, you’ll see them everywhere!