In my neck of the woods, it’s sunny and 60 degrees in the middle of November. Could a Monday be more beautiful?!

Today I devote my entire Multitude Monday post to this man. Twelve years ago he made my heart flutter when he asked me to be his girlfriend.
Nine years ago we said, “I do.”
Seven years ago we became parents together.
And I truly love him more today than ever before!

I am thankful for God’s leading and guidance in our lives. Not every moment has been perfect. To be real and honest, some moments have been stressful and overwhelming. We may be in love, but we’re not perfect! There’s been a fair amount of arguments and fights under our roof, just as with most married couples. But, we’ve learned through them and grown closer because of them. We’ve had lots of joy and laughter, and many reasons to thank the Lord together for the gifts He bestows.

*I love that he puts up with my crazy ideas, and even helps me see them through. 🙂
*I love that he wrestles and plays with our kids.
*I love that he prays with and tucks our kids into bed each night.
*I love that he reads his Bible every single day. He loves the Lord, and I love that.
*I love that he is an excellent employee and a great example of a hard worker.
*I love that he’s a great listener.

Tanner is actually the driving force behind this blog of mine.
*He encouraged me to start it, even when I didn’t think I had anything to write about.
*He challenged me to stick with it, even when I was frustrated that I couldn’t figure it out.
*He reads each of my posts, and gives feedback on them.
*He encourages me to write a post when it’s been a while since I’ve written.
This blog wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for Tanner.

He noticed that I didn’t blog at all last week, and gave me a challenge for this week. Would I challenge myself to write a post every day this week? I answered yes…I would try my best to post at least 5 meaningful posts this week. So, for any of my regular readers out there, stay tuned…this week just might take the prize for the most posts in one week! 🙂

Tanner Lee Archer, I love you. Always have. Always will. I think I loved you before I even knew you. God placed a desire in my heart when I was very young to one day be married and have a family. He sure knew what He was doing when He gave you to me. You’re a gift, and I’m so thankful for you. I love you!