That’s what I’m thankful for this Monday morning. Allow me to explain…

While going through a book of random questions recently, Tanner had to answer the question, “What animal would best describe your wife?” Weird question, but it made for interesting conversation. I had visions of him answering something sweet like “a graceful doe or a beautiful swan.” His answer? A zebra. Huh?!

He explained that zebras are so different from other animals. Their stripes set them apart.  They’re unique. They kinda go against the grain. He appreciated that I was unique and not afraid to show it. I honestly wasn’t really sure how to process the answer to that question. A zebra? Really?!

But then I started thinking about how often comments are made about some of the weird unique things I do. Sometimes I let those comments bother me. But this morning, I started reflecting on the beauty in those unique things that define who I am.

*I shop Salvation Army, Goodwill, and garage sales. I find treasures amidst trash…literally, sometimes on the side of the road. Some people think this is weird. I call it unique, resourceful, and FUN! One of these days I want to do a photo blog post of all the items I’ve rescued from their demise and the eventual beauty they’ve brought to our house, helping to make it a cozy home.

*I drive a mini-van, and have since I was 22 years old. Yep, while others were reveling in their new-found freedom as college graduates, I was sporting my fancy new Honda Odyssey…complete with carseats, kids’ CD’s, and those awesome roller shades in the windows! Some people call this weird. I call it a provision from the Lord. This mini-van I drive has carried each of our bundles of joy safely, and it gets us from point A to point B. While it does have some mechanical problems these days, it’s still kickin’, it’s paid for, and for that I am thankful.

*I do childcare out of my home. Some people call this crazy. I call it an opportunity to invest in the lives of other children whom I love dearly. I’ve developed friendships with the kids and their parents I will not soon forget.

*I am tall. Really tall. 6’1″ to be exact. My husband is, shall we say, not quite that tall. 🙂 Sometimes we get funny looks from others. Sometimes people stare when I stand up. Sometimes this bothers me, but then I remember that I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139). God made me tall…for a reason. And for that I need to be thankful.

*I like to wear weird unique clothing and accessories. You’ll not often find me without a funky headband, complete with feathers and sometimes rhinestones. Some people snicker (including my kids!). I love any jewelry with BLING. Unique for sure, but totally me. 🙂

*I like organic and natural things, and I often travel out of my way to obtain these things. I get my eggs from a farm north of us; I get my milk from a local creamery; I order vitamins and supplements from a weird unique store; I order food from a co-op. I like to experiment with things like essential oils and homemade first-aid salve. Some people call it weird. I call it interesting, and it has proven to be helpful to the health of my family members.

So, there you have it. My husband’s surprising answer to an odd question has made me thankful this morning for who God made me. Special. Unique. Different. I want to teach my children to be the same way. To be whom God created them to be, no matter what others might say. And, I’d challenge you, my reader, to do the same. Think outside the box, put on your zebra stripes, and do something weird unique. It might just give you a breath of fresh air and make you smile. It does for me! 🙂

In the spirit of true uniqueness, I think I’ll pull out the Christmas music and decorations today. Yes, I’m aware it’s only November 5th, but I don’t care…I’m in the mood for holiday spirit, and I’m rollin’ with it!