Gratitude. Thankfulness. Fullness of Joy.

I’d like to say that my heart is always bursting forth with such attributes. Ashamedly, it’s not. It often looks more like this:

Grumbly. Tired. Complaining. Sinful.

At the start of the day today, I didn’t want to write a Multitude Monday post. I was tired from a worthless night of sleep. My back was sore. I’m coming down with a cold. I spent an hour on the phone working out a billing problem with our cell phones. I was in pity-party land, and I had pitched my tent there to stay for a while.

It’s now 9:30 PM, and I’m still tired. My back still hurts. I’m coughing and have a headache. But I decided to tear down my tent in pity-party land and re-group in the land of Gratitude.

You see, perspective always has a way of gripping my stubborn heart. I was reminded that tomorrow is a HUGE day for a friend of mine. Her young daughter will undergo a very serious 12 hour surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from her spine/abdomen area. This family has been through immense trials, and tomorrow’s details are scary and uncertain. They realize how easily they could lose their baby girl tomorrow, as this surgery is extremely risky.

Praying for something so immensely important has a way of breaking apart my insignificant happenings.

And so I plead with anyone reading this, please pray tomorrow (Tuesday, October 30th) for little Taylor Hall, and her family. Pray for all the surgeons and staff who will be caring for her. Pray for peace for her family. Hot tears run down my face as I write this and think of the heaviness of handing over your child for something so uncertain, yet necessary.

And now I’ll head upstairs and kiss my blessings one more time tonight. And tomorrow, I will refuse to travel back to pity-party land.