Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday, as I shared a backyard picnic with my kiddos, I realized something beautiful. Something fantastic. Something I wanted to share with my readers on a Wellness Wednesday post. The conclusion I came to might surprise you for a “healthy” blog topic….

M&M’s are healthy.

Yep. Let me say it again, just in case you missed it.

M&M’s are healthy.

Generally speaking, healthy food is a staple around our house. But for one afternoon, I threw caution to the wind, and offered my 1-year old a small cup of M&M’s. Honestly, the offering was more a source of distraction for a tired and frustrated momma…maybe it would keep this busy man still long enough for me to relax a bit.

That M&M picnic turned out to be the healthiest thing I have had in a long time. Healthy for my body? Maybe not. Healthy for my soul? Absolutely.

You see, this momma’s heart has been overcome lately. The mundane and monotony of motherhood had me frustrated for a few days. But as I watched this little boy joyously consume his treat, I was reminded of blessing upon blessing that has been heaped upon me…even on those mundane days. I grabbed my camera to capture the moment.

The joy in his eyes re-lit my fire for motherhood that had begun to dwindle. How could I look at that face and not smile with complete abandon?!

I realized that my heart can sometimes be like the hard candy shell on an M&M. But, if it’s given enough warmth and the right conditions, an M&M will melt to reveal the true goodness of the treat. On this gorgeous Fall day, Titus melted my hard candy shell of a heart with his warm brown eyes and chubby-armed hugs. God used my spunky monkey to soften and melt me, in order to reawaken my purpose and passion.

While I wouldn’t recommend consuming M&M’s on a daily basis, I would recommend looking at the every-day experiences we have to teach us something amazing. I’m glad that cup of M&M’s took me by surprise and changed a heart that had become dull.

So, to all you tired and worn-out mommies, I’ve been there. Several times. Try something different…pull out a bag of M&M’s, plop it in front of your munchkin, and watch (with an open heart) as they find true joy in something so simple. Maybe it will change you as it changed me.

Blessings, everyone!