Happy Wednesday!

The house is quiet this morning as Little Man takes his nap and his sisters are at school. Ah, the bliss! πŸ™‚

This last weekend, we experienced harvesting a corn crop for the first time ever. My sister’s boyfriend owns farmland, and was gracious enough to show us the ropes on Saturday. My kids were in farm heaven, and I think they’d have lived out there if they could!




The topic of today’s post…farms, acreages, and real food from those places.

From childhood, I’ve always had a dream to live on a farm. I used to beg my parents to move to a farm! Their answer, of course, was always no…they knew the real work that was involved, and my naive visions were only a small part of the farm experience. Fast forward to today, and I still have some of those same desires. I don’t want to live on a massive farm with acres and acres to care for…just a small plot of land with enough room for a Jersey cow, a chicken coop, a large garden, and lots of trees for my kids to climb and explore.

Enter reality.

That’s never.going.to.happen….ever.

You see, this traditional lady is married to a modern man. While I love all things rusty and old, he loves all things shiny and new. Opposites attract, right?! πŸ™‚

I deeply desire to feed my family the highest quality food available, and I’d love nothing more than to grow some of that food myself. I could choose what to plant, how to plant it, and how to care for it. I could grown my own organic pepper plant for the cost of one organic green pepper from the market. I could have fresh herbs for my cooking at a small fraction of the price of organic herbs from the market.

And so, I want a garden. I will have a garden next year.

Problem? I don’t know squat about gardening. 😦

A new challenge for myself for this fall and winter is to read, read, read…check out all the books and websites I can about backyard gardening, and give it a whirl this spring/summer. Any tips from my readers who have experience would be much appreciated!

While I may not be able to squeeze a Jersey cow and a chicken coop in my small backyard, I will do my best to cultivate a garden fit for a farm. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll see a small part of that childhood dream take shape. And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, someday I’ll have those chickens and fresh eggs?! Maybe. Probably not…but a girl can dream, right?!

Be well this Wednesday, everyone! Enjoy the cool, crisp, fall air!