How can a morning start out so perfectly and go awry so quickly?!

I started out the morning with the cool breeze blowing through open windows, a steaming cup of mocha-flavored coffee, and fresh waffles for my munchkins. Perfect.

Then chaos.

One is cutting it close to get to school on time and falls hard while trying to get ready. Tears…lots of tears.

The other needs help in the bathroom…the kind of help that can’t really wait, if you know what I mean.

The youngest (who has a cold, is teething, and has been restless throughout a somewhat sleepless night) is screaming at the top of his lungs, needing mommy to snuggle him.

The kids I watch before school need help tying shoes, getting backpacks.

My oldest, nursing her throbbing foot, tries to be brave and face her day at school. I tell her it’s okay if she’s late…let’s just make sure her foot is okay. She grumpily stomps out the door, her type A personality shuddering at the thought of being late to school.

And that’s how I said goodbye to her today. Not good for a momma’s heart. 😦 Praying that she’ll find peace and comfort today, and that we can have a good heart-to-heart when she gets home. I can see her classroom from my front door…it’s about all I can do to now walk over there now and give her a big hug in class and tell her I’m sorry for the crazy morning. I think that might embarrass her though, huh?

On to the real topic of today’s post…Wellness Wednesday.

It’s been a while since I’ve weighed myself, as I committed to not let the scale control me any longer. I did step on it the other day, and was pleased that it had gone down a couple more pounds. I have a reward I’m considering for when I reach my goal weight, which is another 10 pounds to lose…I think I want to get my nose re-pierced. Yes, I used to have a nose ring!

A blast from the past! See the nose ring?! (And, who’s the cutie sitting next to me?!) 🙂

I LOVED having my nose ring, and Tanner really liked it, too. Long story short, I didn’t take care of it like I should have, and I had to remove it. Now that I know what to do differently to care for it, I think I’m up for trying it again. But first, I want to lose that extra weight. 🙂

Last week I had to have a biometric screening for insurance reasons at Tanner’s place of employment. While I wasn’t thrilled to do it, I was pleased to find out that all of my numbers, measurements, and stats are very well within the normal range. The only thing that could be slightly improved is my “good cholesterol,” even though it was still in the normal range. To increase it, a regular exercise routine is key. I’m finding that hard to do, as the demands of motherhood and working from home take up most of my time. Even if I can just squeeze in 30 minutes a day…that’s my goal. Honestly, though, don’t I get at least that just chasing around this crew?! (minus the one in the hat…he’s not part of my crew! 🙂Happy Wednesday, everyone! Blessings to you!