I hope everyone was able to have an enjoyable and relaxing Labor Day yesterday. I had planned to do my “Multitude Monday” post, but the day was here and gone before I got a chance to sit and write.

We had a splashin’ good time with family!

Some random things on my mind today. Here we go!

The decorator wanna-be part of me has forever been annoyed with one wall of my house. A large wall in our living room has been changed three or four times, and each time I’ve never been fully satisfied with it. Something was just missing… We’ve talked for a while about getting a piano, and having our girls take piano lessons. I had a feeling this was just the right spot for a piano, and so I started searching. I was thrilled to find a FREE one on Craigslist, and it was located at a house just a few blocks from our house. We sold the garage sale chairs I had on this wall (and ended up making a nice profit on them!), and picked up the piano. I am pretty much lovin’ how the wall looks now…My original plan when starting the search for a piano was to find an old one that I could paint. Has anyone seen painted pianos on Pinterest or other websites? They’re so cool! However, once we got this one home, I ended up liking the color. Combined with a $5 chair I painted yellow, and the fun wooden crate painted the same color on the other side, I think the color scheme works well with this room. The best part? This entire room re-do cost me only the quart of paint and the $5 chair. Can’t beat that!




The piano bench is currently in my grandpa’s workshop, and he’s fixing the wobbly legs. I’m hoping to upholster the top of it with a fun fabric print.

Onto my next topic today…told you this was a random post! 🙂 This little man…

My blog post last week about my spunky little adventurer stirred my heart, even after I wrote it. I kept thinking about how blessed I am to have such a little stinker. So, please know that I am in no way complaining about him in this blog post…I’m just looking for some advice and help from anyone who has 2 cents to give. 🙂

Titus James Archer is by far the.busiest.child.ever. EVER. We thought Nadia was a busy girl, and she was…but little did we know how much that busyness would be compounded in her brother!

He never sits still.
He grunts and screams, communicating more like a caveman than a human.
He runs, runs, runs, and runs some more. His chubby little feet don’t stop.
He loves to wrestle.
He thinks everyone loves to wrestle….all the time.
He thinks pushing young children is a good way to say “hello.”
He loves to climb and explore.
He would live outside if we let him.
He loves buttons and everything electronic.
He has an absolute obsession with telephones.
He plays with less than 5% of the toys we have in this house.

So, here’s my question for my readers…

How can I entertain and teach this boy without going crazy?!

He would much rather play with the telephone, the remote, or the dishwasher buttons than any toy in the house. He will not sit still to look at a book. Other children his age are afraid of him and his sheer brute size, not to mention the fact that he uses that size to his advantage (and their disadvantage).

What tools, games, toys, ect. would you recommend for such a busy little boy?

Uncle Tony came to the rescue last night, and gave Titus an old set of working walkie talkies. Oh, boy…this child is in love with them! These are the types of things that hold his attention, but even that attention span is short.

So, I’m honestly and humbly asking seasoned mothers, grandmothers, teachers…pretty much anyone reading this…any ideas for my sweet and spunky little explorer? What activities would you recommend?

I knew having a boy would be a different chapter in my book of raising kids, as I was used to girls. I tell you what, I think this boy might not only be in a different chapter of my book…I think he’s in a different library entirely! 🙂

Like I said…not complaining. Just looking for some advice. I do love my chubby little buster brown…more than you can even imagine! 🙂