Happy Friday! We’ve officially made it through one whole week of school…woo hoo! We’re a bit tired over here, and looking forward to the weekend.

I’m having major troubles with uploading photos to my post today. Tanner updated some things on our computers, and I’m not diggin’ what it’s done to photo uploading. I apologize in advance if my photos don’t show up on here today.

Today’s Friday Favorite are two kitchen/food related items. One is an old favorite, and the other one is a new favorite purchase.

1) New Favorite
I have a goal this school year to pack lunches for Jayda that are more healthy, fun, and more diverse than the run-‘o-the-mill pb&j. She got so tired of sandwiches last year, and I really don’t blame her. I started researching Bento Boxes, and really wanted to purchase one for her.

But, with a hefty price tag of over $30 plus shipping, I couldn’t justify the purchase. I started looking into other options…couldn’t really find anything at local stores I really liked, so I decided to try one I found on Amazon.com. Priced at $5.98 (combined with FREE Super Saver Shipping on Amazon), I thought this one was worth a try.

I am so happy with it, and Jayda loves it, too! There are several compartments for different items in her lunch, along with a small spoon and fork. I will say that the spoon and fork are a bit of a joke…they are teeny tiny, but they work (at least for now). All of the pieces snap together to make one solid piece to put in her lunch container. It’s great to not have to mess with a bazillion Ziploc baggies, and my little organized mini-me likes that she has all her lunch items organized in one container.

So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to pack lunches, I’d recommend this. I’m kinda a dummy and can’t figure out how to put an actual link in here for it, but here’s the web address you can put in your browser to take you to Amazon’s website, where you can find it. It’s called the Annabel Karmel lunchbox.


2) Old Favorite
My mom has, for many years, used an old cast iron waffle iron that she got from her parents. It was her parents’ wedding gift over 60 years ago, and she’s still using it! It makes THE BEST waffles EVER. No new fancy shmancy waffle iron makes anywhere near the type of waffles that the old cast iron one makes. My girls get SO EXCITED when Nanny brings over more waffles for our freezer! My sister and I have always said that we’d love to have one, but how often do you find 60 year old waffle irons lying around?!

While browsing at an estate sale last weekend, I happened to run across one, and I was THRILLED! My excitement vanished when we couldn’t find the cord to go with it. Bummer. I went on my way, and later that day decided to go back with my brother to the estate sale. We had fun digging for more treasures, and wouldn’t you know it? We found the chord to the waffle iron! At $3.50, I’d say I got quite a deal! If you ever find one of these, snatch it up quickly. You won’t be sorry, I promise!

We tried our waffle iron for the first time yesterday, and it worked like a charm. Yum! Anyone want to come over for waffles and coffee some morning?! 🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone. Enjoy your time with your families and friends, count your blessings, and I’ll see you next week.