This morning started out like I wish all mornings could begin.

Just me, Titus, and my steaming cup o’ joe enjoying some quiet time on the back deck. Sixty degree morning temperatures feel AMAZING after the heat wave we’ve had.

The morning was preceded by a great family night the night before, which my blog post today is about. I am so deeply grateful for local businesses who give generously to various events…making it possible for our family to enjoy a fun-filled, FREE night!

We attended the Clowns at the Carousel event at Union Park in Des Moines last night. It was a FREE night of fun. Our kids enjoyed it immensely, and we couldn’t have been happier to watch them enjoy it so much. There were so many activities…all of them FREE!

*Carousel Rides
*Bike Helmets…all three of our kiddos got fitted for and were given FREE helmets!
*Inflatable Slides and Jump Houses
*Walking Tacos, Lemonade, Popcorn, Cookies, Fazoli’s Breadsticks, and more goodies!
*Clown Shows

The Des Moines Police and Fire Departments were there with a smoke house and the DM Police Canine Unit’s dog. The girls got to play tug-o-war with the amazing German Shepherd.

I felt so blessed to watch our kids enjoy such a fun night. Thank you to all of the local businesses who made it possible. Their generosity meant a lot to our family, and helped to make lots of fun memories for us.

Since money doesn’t grow on trees, we’re always up for some fun and free family events. If you hear of any fun ones, let us know. We’d definitely recommend the Clowns at the Carousel event…it takes place the first Sunday in August each year at Union Park in Des Moines. Maybe see you there next year! 🙂