Happy Friday!

It’s been too long since I’ve done a “Friday Favorite” post. I’m happy to be back at it today!

Today’s “Friday Favorite” is a must-know if you have children. I wanted to blog about one of our most favorite toys around our house. Ever heard of this? I was introduced to this line of toys when I nannied for a family who bought them for their little boy. At first I didn’t understand the intrigue they had with the toys. They were kinda weird-looking and super expensive. Why did they keep buying them?

Then I saw how fascinated their little boy was with these toys. They kept him busy for hours! When Jayda was old enough, they started sharing their Playmobil sets with her, and the same fascination occurred. She loved them! Truth be told, so did Tanner and I…they’re actually quite fun to play with!

Over the past several years, we’ve started a collection of our own. Thankfully, we haven’t ever paid full price for any of our Playmobil sets. As I mentioned before, they’re quite pricey. We’ve been fortunate to find several great condition sets on Craigslist for a small fraction of the price.

We have the following sets, and I’d recommend any of them.





NOAH’S ARK PIRATE SHIP Promise me you won’t tell Nadia, but she’s getting this set for her birthday next week. She’s been talking about it for weeks, and I know she’ll be super excited to have it! Playmobil toys are available locally at the Learning Post in Urbandale. Learning Post sells them at the manufacturer’s price, so it’s generally hard to beat their prices.

Usually, the large sets are available for purchase at the Learning Post, and additional pieces can be purchased either there or online to add more fun to each set. The pieces that come with these sets are very small, so I’d recommend an organized way to store them all. We use shoe-box sized Rubbermaid containers to store each set’s pieces in their own container. While the large amount of small pieces is sometimes annoying to clean up, I truly believe they are the reason the kids are so intrigued by these sets. The details that each set includes are amazing!

We are scouring Craigslist and saving our pennies, hoping to find this school set for our girls for Christmas this year. Anyone else out there like Playmobil toys? If anyone ever sees any Playmobil sets for sale at garage sales, Craigslist, ect…PLEASE let me know. These toys are perfect for our children, as well as the kids I do childcare for. We love ’em!