I went to bed last night in a funk, and I woke up this morning in a funk. I can’t explain it…I was just in a fowl mood.

*I hadn’t made it to the grocery store, and had nothing planned for lunch or supper.
*It was supposed to be 105 degrees today. HOT!
*Tanner has the next few days off of work, and I was bummed that we can’t afford to do anything super fun and exciting.

Such silly reasons to be in a bad mood, but I certainly was. God, in His gentle way, showed me throughout the day just how futile my thinking had been.

I sat writing thank you notes for Titus’ birthday presents. I was overcome as I reflected on all the friends and family who had helped to make his birthday extra special. Such generosity in those close to me.

As my heart started to soften as I wrote the thank you’s, the front doorbell rang. I went to the door to find our plumber standing there. ???? What was going on? I hadn’t called him. He handed me a bag full of sweet corn and explained that he had extra corn and had thought about our family. He said he knew that it’s often hard raising young ones, and that there’s often not a lot of extra money. He thought the sweet corn would help with our menu for the week. My eyes filled with tears, and I gave our plumber a hug. Yep, I wasn’t so sure I’d ever be hugging our plumber, but this sweet older gentleman had just been used to soften my hardened heart, and I was so thankful.

As I thanked the Lord for using sweet corn and one man’s generosity to teach me a lesson, the doorbell ran again. My next-door neighbor let me know that she’d be leaving for a few days. Could I please water her plants and take in her mail? And, as a thank you, she wanted to give us $25. Again, my heart softened.

In the course of a few hours, God had shown me that while I had a horrible attitude about not having gone to the store, He provided in an unexpected way. We gobbled up that sweet corn for lunch!

While it was crazy hot today (and I’m not such a big fan of the heat), the girls and I had a great time sitting in the shade and shucking that sweet corn. It was what I needed to lift my spirits and spend some time giggling with my girls.

While we may not have enough money to do anything extravagant, we now have and extra $25 to spend on Tanner’s days off. We’re planning to use it to treat our little ones to some fun surprises, including Daylight Donuts in the morning (a fun, but rare treat around here!).

And so tonight, my heart is full. I’m not going to bed in a funk tonight. My head will hit the pillow with a gratitude that was not there 24 hours ago. I’m so thankful for God’s gentle leading in my life, even when I’m not so easily led. I’m so glad He doesn’t give up on me!