A little more than one year ago, I looked like this.

After many long hours of labor, this beautiful baby boy entered our lives, and he’s stolen our hearts ever since.

Yesterday we celebrated Titus’ first birthday, and we had a great time! I had a ton of fun planning a vintage milk and cookies party. Amidst the last-minute party preparations, I didn’t get as many good pictures of the table as I’d hoped to. But, here are a few:

We had eight different types of cookies for guests to choose from, as well as both white and chocolate milk. This was by far the easiest birthday party I’ve ever thrown, as all the cookies were made ahead of time and frozen until the day before the party. I had a blast finding the containers for the cookies at garage sales and thrift stores. I got most of them for a few cents, and I love how it all came together! The milk bottles were a combination of empty Starbucks Frappuccino bottles and mason jars with blue and white stripped paper straws put in them. There’s just something that I LOVE about paper straws!!

The birthday boy had a cupcake of his own, but he wanted nothing to do with it. The sticky frosting threw him off, and he kept reaching for more cookies instead. I think he inhaled 4 or 5 cookies throughout the morning. Too bad my little guy doesn’t like to eat, huh?! 🙂

I got emotional as I reflected on God’s grace and mercy to us, especially over the past year. Titus was born three short weeks after my mom’s double mastectomy, and life felt a bit chaotic at the time. My mom says that he was the rainbow amidst the storm, and I feel the same way. I’m so incredibly thankful for a healthy baby boy, and I pray for many more healthy and happy years with him in the future. I am a very blessed woman, and I give all the glory to God!