What an incredible weather weekend!!! We enjoyed every minute of outside time this weekend. Mid-80’s in March is wonderful!

It’s Spring Break this week. and we are looking forward to spending it together as a family. I have no childcare kiddos this week, and I’m enjoying the extra time with my little ones. Love them so much!!

In my post last week I mentioned the overwhelming possibility of having this mammoth beast cut down from our back yard:

Unfortunately, we do have to have the entire thing removed. It’s overgrown, dying, and posing a serious threat to our home’s safety.

I have such mixed feelings about taking this tree out. It’s a cottonwood tree, and has been the most annoying thing I’ve ever experienced. This thing starts shedding in early Spring, and doesn’t stop until late Fall. Most of the Summer looks like a snowstorm around here, as the cotton flies everywhere. We honestly do not sit on our deck very often in the summer, and the kids would rather play at the park than in their own yard because the mess is so annoying. While I’m honestly quite stressed about spending several thousand dollars on taking this tree out, I am looking forward to being able to enjoy our deck now!

I think God knew how much I needed some encouragement right now, as spending the money on tree removal (along with several other unexpected expenses) has overwhelmed me as I try to crunch all the numbers and make it work. I think He knew I’d enjoy some time relaxing on our cotton-free deck this summer. Knowing that we wouldn’t be able to afford deck furniture this year, He provided an assortment of nice furniture for FREE! The Adirondack chairs were a hand-made gift from Tanner’s grandfather. What a special thing to have from him!

The “table” between them is an old crate that my brother found and hauled home for me, knowing I’d find a use for it. I love it, and it will be a perfect spot to set my coffee on cool Summer mornings.

The vintage garden chair was given to me by a friend. I painted it with my free paint from Ace Hardware’s Free Paint Saturday.

The white bench was hauled home last night from Tanner’s find while he was bike riding with the kids yesterday. Thank you to whomever set it on the side of the curb with the “FREE” sign on it!

These things are truly a blessing to me, and I’m so thankful for them. God certainly does provide, and I’m anxious to see how He’ll continue to provide the funds for our current needs. I know He provides for our needs, and today, I’m thankful that He provided for my wants as well!

Happy Monday, everyone!